Fukushima is Here. Now What?

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A Town Hall Forum
Held at The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU.org), Berkeley, CA Oct. 17, 2013

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Univeralists
No Nukes Action Committee
EON – the Ecological Options Network

Facing Fukushima Facts – Mary Beth Brangan

Solidarity & Empowerment – Nick Thabit & Holly Harwood

International Solidarity & Links – Steve Zeltzer

Suppression of Nuclear Protest in Japan – Prof. Masaki Shimoji

Responding to Fukushima – John Bertucci

Refuse to Loose – Vic Sadot

Making Visions Happen – Cynthia Papermaster, Brad Newsham

Nuclear Consciousness Raising – Dr. Carol Wolman

If you like EON’s work, you can support it, whatever your budget level, here.