The Fairfax, CA-Fukushima Connection

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The Fairfax, CA City Council Members listen to public comment on their ground-breaking Fukushima resolution, which they later passed unimously.

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Local City Council Demands Planetarian Response

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“Urgent international rescue” Needed
Consistent with its ground-breaking leadership role pioneering local official resistance to unregulated cell tower proliferation, GMO foods, and ‘smart’ meter deployment, the Fairfax, CA City Council, on Dec. 4, 2013, became one of the first municipal jurisdictions to unanimously approve a measure advocating for 1) an independent expert panel to be formed by the UN General Assembly for transparent international involvement in mitigating the on-going Fukushima nuclear disaster and 2) asking for government monitoring of seafood for radioactivity from Fukushima pollution.

[ Media coverage:
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Fairfax Resolution text ]

Gov. Agencies Asleep on the Job
Resolution co-author, Council Member Larry Bragman, reported that his attempts to contact local disaster preparedness officials resulted in “a resounding nothing.” Agreeing with a comment from the audience that citizen-based Fukushima fallout monitoring efforts are way ahead of official responses, Bragman said, “The government is not doing its job.”

The Fairfax resolution [PDF here] is an example of a beginning movement on the part of city and county councils to take the lead in developing model legislation demanding transparent, independent monitoring of the on-going contamination of air, ocean and food by the continuing Fukushima nuclear disaster, as well as international efforts to support Japan in dealing with what is increasingly seen as a planetary emergency. [ See draft Berkeley, CA City Council Resolution here. ]

Despite well-funded nuclear industry PR claims of a coming ‘global nuclear renaissance,’ both public and expert growing opinion suggest that Fukushima marks the beginning of the end of the heavily-subsidized, and essentially ecocidal and un-democratic nuclear industry.

International investor reluctance to assume the financial risk of further nuclear power expansion in the face of what energy pundit Amory Lovins has termed “a terminal overdose of market forces,” is strikingly reflected in the recent statement by the head of the World Bank. ‘“We don’t do nuclear energy,” said World Bank president Jim Yong Kim as he and UN leader Ban Ki-moon outlined efforts to make sure all people have access to electricity by 2030.’ [Read more here. ]

As the Fukushima fallout continues with no end in sight, other radioactivity monitoring needs are for all food and supplements as well as for ocean and air monitoring since the Fukushima Dai-ichi melt-downs are emitting thousands of billions of becquerels per day into the air and ocean.

The radioactivity after the initial meltdowns and explosions of March 2011 reached the west coast of North America within four days. According to many computer modelings by ocean scientists from the U.S., Germany and Japan, radioactivity released into the ocean will be arriving in a surface plume and in currents along the coast of North America beginning likely in early 2014. This radioactivity will combine with the fog and become rain and will move across the land.

Through bio-accumulation and bio-magnefication, (rain on grass, cows eat grass, milk can become radioactive or small fish eating plankton, larger fish eat the smaller, etc) the radioactive particles released, such as Cesium 134 and Cesium 137, Plutonium and Strontium 90, will enter the food chain and can be ingested.

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