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Will the CPUC OK a Smart Meter Opt-Out 'Protection Racket?'

Pay Up or We’ll Break Your Kneecaps!
Disproving the old adage that ‘two heads are better than one,’ neither of the CPUC’s ‘smart meter’ opt-out Proposed Decisions by Administrative Law Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa and out-going President Michael Peevey deal with the key human health, safety, privacy or hacking insecurity issues our movement has been trying unsuccessfully to bring to their attention for years.

What’s the Difference?
If a gas utility announced it was going to pump poison gas into every home in your neighborhood, or a water utility threatened to put poison in the community’s water supply, unless customers paid them not to on a monthly basis, it would clearly be just like what mobsters used to call a ‘shakedown.’ You pay the collection goons when they come by and they agree not to wreck your business or break your kneecaps with a baseball bat.

How is that old ‘protection racket’ scam different than having to pay not to have a toxic wireless meter installed on your home?

Yet that’s just what either of these Proposed Decisions will do if approved by a vote of the Commissioners, perhaps as early as next month.

EON Comments on CPUC Opt-Out Decisions
As an intervening ‘party’ in this Proceeding, EON filed its comments on the Proposed Decisions last Tuesday. You can download a PDF of our filing here.

Links to the Proposed Decisions are here:
ALJ Amy Yip-Kikugawa’s Proposed Decision
Michael Peevey’s Alternate Proposed Decision

You might like to let them know what you think in an e-mail: ALJ Yip-Kikugawa and Commissioner Peevey’s advisor Manisha Lakhanpal.

You can also lobby the Commissioners: Mike Florio 415-703-1840/ Catharine Sandoval 415-703-2593/ President Michael Peevey 415-703-3703/ Carla Peterman 415- 703-1407/ Michael Picker 415- 703-2444

Please plan to attend on Thursday, December 18, 2014, 9 am at 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco. That will be President Peevey’s last day on the Commission.


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