Webinar to Promote the European Citizens’ Initiative Project: “Stay Connected But Protected” July 17, 2022.



The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Stop5G Project was launched in March 2022, and has one year to gather a million signatures from across Europe. If successful, the European Commission and Parliament will be obliged to address the proposals that the EU enact regulations to protect health, nature, the environment and privacy.

Safe Tech International hosted this webinar to help “get the word out” about this critical and potentially life-changing Appeal, and to ensure that the 27 European countries who collaborated on this effort, reach their goal of 1,000,000 signatures by March, 2023.

Promotional video for the European Citizens’ Initiative Project Stop5G. https://youtu.be/2tq9w1fsMRY

To sign the European Citizens’ Initiative or to learn more about it, please go to, https://signstop5g.eu/.


Pernille Schriver Coordinator of the European Citizens’ Initiative Stop5G Project What is an ECI and how did the Stop5G Stay Connected But Protected Project evolve?

Klaus Buchner How can radiofrequency radiation affect us? – Some mechanisms of the damages.

Olle Johansson What can we learn from pollinators, bacteria, plants, and sperm and immune protective cells about adverse biological effects of artificial electromagnetic fields?

Lorna Hackett It happened to me, it could happen to you.

Christian F. Jensen A closer look at 5G and Human Rights

Julian Gresser Communities of Light — How local communities can own and control their destinies by combining optical fiber with skill, wisdom, and love

Guillaume Pitron The Metals, Minerals, Mining, Manufacturing and Energy Consumption Behind the “Dematerialization” of Technology

To read the Draft Legal Act which contains the 23 Draft Proposals, please see https://signstop5g.eu/media/pages/med…

Draft Proposal by topics:

Enact regulation to protect all life from radio frequency and microwave radiation https://signstop5g.eu/en/solutions/pr…

Enact stronger regulation to protect the environment from all the impacts of 5G and digitalization https://signstop5g.eu/en/solutions/pr…

Enact effective data protection to safeguard our privacy, security and freedom https://signstop5g.eu/en/solutions/pr…

Blog: A European Citizens’ Initiative to Protect All Life on Earth Shorter version: https://safetechinternational.org/a-e…

More in depth: https://safetechinternational.org/a-e…

Images and supplementary footage: Vecteezy, Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay. Music theme: Pixabay Webinar Edited by Sean Carney and Ben Levi. Video introduction montage narrated by Amanda Kenton. Video introduction montage sourced and edited by Sean Carney for Safe Tech International.


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