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Stop SB 649! – Take Action Against ‘Telecom Totalitarianism’

EON’s Mary Beth Brangan testifies against SB 649 in the California Assembly

Fighting A Telecom Takeover

August 28, 2017: SB 649, the dangerous, anti-democratic AT&T, Verizon telecommunication industry giveaway bill,is now speeding toward approval by the dis-informed CA Assembly.

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Millions Are Opposed
SB 649 has passed every committee despite tremendous opposition by 300 California cities representing well over 2/3rds of CA’s population. 48 out of 52 Counties, 54 Planning, Communication and Municipal Organizations and 55 Environment, Health, Consumer, and Justice Organizations representing many millions of Californians oppose as of August 28, 2017.

Last Chance to take Action!
A final vote by the Appropriations Committee may be as soon as Sept. 6. Next, the Assembly Floor vote occurs and then either on to the Senate and/or to the Governor’s desk, possibly within a month. Your action now can make a huge difference! Contact your legislators and the Governor Brown.

Devastating Radiation Increase
SB 649 will force a devastating state-wide increase in 24/7 microwave radiation in our neighborhoods, schools, parks and rural areas- the few places left that are now lower in radiation exposure. Cities and counties will have no control over the placement of towers. Children are the most vulnerable and parents will have no rights to protect them from this incessant, dense microwave exposure at close range. Real estate values near antennas will be lowered with no recourse for property owners.

Similar ‘cookie-cutter’ bills giving total control to the telecommunications industry over local officials are moving through other state legislatures in a coordinated corporate campaign.

Telecoms Know Microwave Radiation is Harmful
The telecommunications industry (AT&T, Verizon and smaller entities) know wireless technology is
harmful. All insurers refuse to insure them. Yet they pretend to customers that there’s nothing to be concerned about. Fire fighters have rightfully negotiated an exemption from this bill on the basis of health, yet fetuses, the young, the ill and elderly will all be forcibly exposed 24/7.

We Have Safer, More Efficient Solutions
Fiber-optic cable can be run underground so it is aesthetically and environmentally superior to bulky and dangerous above-ground infrastructure. It has higher speed and much better security as well as being more energy efficient. AT&T has already been paid by customers to run fiber-optic cable to every home. Fiber-optic would allow every resident to have either wired or wireless devices in their home. We must insist on the safest, most effective possible technology!

If you don’t want a constantly emitting powerful microwave antenna right in front of your home or school by 2018, take action now! Don’t let California legislators give away our crucial local municipal authority over public health, safety and aesthetics.

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