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“I have no doubt in my mind that, at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment… more serious even than global climate change and chemical pollution… is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.” Robert O. Becker, M.D. “We are electro-magnetic beings!” Pioneer EMF bio-effects researcher, the late Dr. Neil Cherry traveled the world urgently reminding people of that fact. Our cells communicate and cooperate using nano-pico-tiny electro-magnetic signals. Our cells evolved in a planetary environment with very low electro-magnetic background radiation. In the last 60 years that has changed. The explosive development of radio, radar, TV, cell phones and wifi since WWII has created a virtual soup of E-smog. The currently progressing world-wide corporate-led build-out of even more wireless EMF devices is a huge, unauthorized, global biological experiment with predictably disastrous outcomes already becoming visible to those willing to notice. Mounting numbers of independent scientific studies point like a forest in the wind to serious human bio-effects from long-term exposure to the electro-magnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones, computers and other wireless devices – including the wireless so-called ‘SmartMeters’ PG&E is attempting to install throughout its service area despite growing public and official opposition. The list of EMF health effects is large and growing, among which are: irreparable DNA damage, destruction of the blood-brain barrier, sleeplessness, hypertension and lowered sperm count. The numbers of ‘electro-sensitive’ people being made sick by EMF exposure is growing around the world. This blog will help document and report on the growing movement for the enactment of far stricter EMF exposure standards and the related ‘Stop-SmartMeters’ movement and provide educational tools in text and video for those who wish to inform themselves and get involved. We will also include reporting on the ionizing section of the electro-magnetic spectrum, radioactivity from nuclear power and weapons. This blog is maintained as a public service by EON – The Ecological Options Network.  To find out more EON’s history and its founders and Blog editors James Heddle and Mary Beth Brangan, click here. The main EON website and YouTube Channel, cover issues related to: * Clean Energy and Climate Change Solutions; * Election Protection and Deep Democracy; * Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Health Protection; * Food, Water, Pesticides and Health Freedom; * Nuclear Free Planet; * Planetarian Perspectives and selected general news of interest.