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Below is the text of a petition currently circulating in Marin County.
We really need your help! We must continue to push back against the installation of smart meters until they are stopped. The rate of installation is increasing now in Marin and is beginning in West Marin. It is completely unacceptable that these threats to our children and community’s health are being forced on our homes and neighborhoods! Once they’re installed it will be MUCH harder to reverse the process.

Cartoon by Brian Narelle

Please download this PDF copy of the petition against the meters and gather as many signatures as possible by next Tues. Sept. 14 to present to the Board of Supervisors.
You can return them to either Katharina Sandizell-Smith (663-8024) or Mary Beth Brangan (868-1900).
Call to arrange for delivery or send to: P.O. Box 1047, Bolinas, 94924.
We’ll need them by Monday night to present at Tuesday morning’s 10 am meeting.
Thanks so much for pitching in!
Mary Beth 868-1900

PG&E Smart Meter Halt, Review and Ordinance Petition
To: Marin County Board of Supervisors, Steve Kinsey, Susan Adams, Judy Arnold, Hal Brown, Charles McGlashan,
PG&E has already started installing an enormous wireless mesh network in Marin County! Utility poles will host the wireless repeater infrastructure to serve the new wireless PG&E Smart Meters, which will be installed in every home and business! These devices will add an exponential new layer of radio frequencies (RF) to our homes and environment and will emit RF radiation almost constantly. In light of the lack of FCC safety standards for chronic long term exposure to RF and in light of the of the studies showing adverse health effects and the call for the precautionary principle for wireless technology from global scientists, environmental agencies, advocacy groups and doctors, we, the undersigned, request you defend democratic choice against the imposition of unelected corporate power by:
1. Thoroughly investigating the PG&E Smart Meter potential health risks of these devices by holding public hearings.

2. Requiring PG&E to submit the specific characterization of the Smart Meter system planned for Marin County 

3. Obtaining the Smart Meter health and safety study PG&E commissioned and make it available to the public.

4. Allowing customers to “opt out” of the program by neighborhood and region.

5. Halting all new wireless installations until a thorough, independent scientific health review, accepted by the community, proves they are safe and without health risk.
6. Protecting our privacy from invasion by PG&E selling our data to insurance companies & other third parties.
7. Honoring the Marin Community Plan’s commitment to the precautionary principle & to protecting Marin’s most vulnerable citizens – the children, elderly, the electro-sensitives, the sick.
8. Deactivating the RF function on those already deployed, including infrastructure.
9. Protecting Marin citizens with an ordinance banning electromagnetic trespass!
The Undersigned:…

Please download this PDF copy of the petition, make copies and circulate.