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The growing mountain of independent (non-industry-funded) research shows incontrovertible evidence of seriously hazardous human health effects at EMF exposures far below the current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ‘safety’ guidelines, which only refer to thermal or heating effects on living tissue. These so-called standards do not address long-term exposure of cells and DNA to low-intensity electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, personal wireless devices and wireless ‘SmartMeters.’ The scientific literature is vast and growing showing irreparable DNA damage, destruction of the blood-brain barrier, reduced sperm count brain cancer and many other bio-effects. Here are a few useful selections to get you started.

Bioinitiative Report – A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)

Dr. Henry Lai’s Vienna Report on RFR Bioeffects

(October 25-28, 1998)
“As described in a later section, we found that a single episode of RFR exposure increases DNA damage in brain cells of the rat. Definitely, DNA damage in cells is cumulative. Related to this is that various lines of evidence suggest that responses of the central nervous system to RFR could be a stress response [Lai, 1992; Lai et al., 1987a]. Stress effects are well known to cumulate over time and involve first adaptation and then an eventual break down of homeostatic processes when the stress persists.”

“Since nerve cells do not divide and are not likely to become cancerous, more likely consequences of DNA damage in nerve cells are changes in functions and cell death, which could either lead to or accelerate the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Double strand breaks, if not properly repaired, are known to lead to cell death. Indeed, we have observed an increase in apoptosis (a form of cell death) in cells exposed to RFR (unpublished results). However, another type of brain cells, the glial cells, can become cancerous, resulting from DNA damage.”

“As regards exposure to cell mast radiation, chronic exposure becomes an important factor. Intensity and exposure duration do interact to produce an effect. We [Lai and Carino, In press] found with extremely low frequency magnetic fields that ‘lower intensity, longer duration exposure’ can produce the same effect as from a ‘higher intensity, shorter duration exposure’.” Read the complete PDF document here.

Public health implications of wireless technologies
Cindy Sage and David O. Carpenter
Global exposures to emerging wireless technologies from applications including mobile phones, cordless phones, DECT phones, WI-FI, WLAN,WiMAX, wireless internet, baby monitors, and others may present serious public health consequences. Evidence supporting a public health risk is documented in the BioInitiative Report. New, biologically based public exposure standards for chronic exposure to low-intensity exposures are warranted. Existing safety standards are obsolete because they are based solely on thermal effects from acute exposures. The rapidly expanding development of newwireless technologies and the long latency for the development of such serious diseases as brain cancers means that failure to take immediate action to reduce risks may result in an epidemic of potentially fatal diseases in the future. Regardless of whether or not the associations are causal, the strengths of the associations are sufficiently strong that in the opinion of the authors, taking action to reduce exposures is imperative, especially for the fetus and children. Such action is fully compatible with the precautionary principle, as enunciated by the Rio Declaration, the European Constitution Principle on Health (Section 3.1) and the European Union Treaties Article 174.

The History of the Health Effects of RF and Microwave Radiation from the Archives of Naval Researcher Dr. Zory Glaser Military and industry researchers have known from the 1940’s that electromagnetic radiation is hazardous to your health. Why would electromagnetic weapons have been developed and deployed by our government if they have no injurious human bio-effects?

S.Milham Elec.mortality historical evidence
by Samuel Milham – Washington State Department of Health, Olympia, WA. (PDF)
The slow spread of residential electrification in the US in the first half of the 20th century from urban to rural areas resulted by 1940 in two large populations; urban populations, with nearly complete electrification and rural populations exposed to varying levels of electrification depending on the progress of electrification in their state….
Urban death rates were much higher than rural rates for cardiovascular diseases, malignant diseases, diabetes and suicide in 1940. Rural death rates were significantly correlated with level of residential electric service by state for most causes examined. I hypothesize that the 20th century epidemic of the so called diseases of civilization including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes and suicide was caused by electrification not by lifestyle. A large proportion of these diseases may therefore be preventable.

Public Health Implications of Wireless Technologies

Scientific Reports-Powerwatch – …there is an enormous body of evidence out there, but public and even academic awareness seems to be very poor. Therefore, we will be presenting a list of papers and ORs which either show serious effects or are considered important papers on the subject which we have collected over the years.

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors – We the undersigned believe it is essential that governments and the media understand the independent science regarding cellphone use and brain tumors, as well as the design flaws of the 13 country Interphone study. The widespread nature of wireless telecommunication
systems requires that society understand any potential risks, and that this understanding be as
current as possible with the latest evidence-based science. We endorse both the message and
urgency of this report.