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How to Steal an Election – Let Us Count the Ways
Columbus, Ohio – Here we go again. Just like 2004, only worse.

Multiple, blatant voter suppression ploys by Republican election officials that could disenfranchise millions of voters. A Romney-campaign funders’-and-family owned electronic voting machine company tabulating the vote in a key county. A last-minute Republican Sec. of State directive that could invalidate legal provisional ballots. Suspicious last-minute Republican Sec. of State issued ‘experimental’ patches for the electronic voting machines’ software. It all adds up to make possible swinging the entire crucial state of Ohio to Romney and therefore to swing the entire election. And Ohio’s a representative microcosm of attempted election theft by the Grand Old Party in other swing states.

Thank the Election Gods that the fraud-busting investigative team at is on the job blowing the whistle – as they have been since 2004. Now Bob Fitrakis, his partner Suzanne Patzer and Harvey Wasserman are joined by cyber-sleuth Gerry Bello.

You may remember that we have been documenting’s election protection efforts in a series of docs and interviews since 2004. Now we’re back in Columbus documenting their investigation of attempted election rigging 2012 in this swing state and their attempts to stop it.

The Politics of Denial
Both the corporate parties are in (what’s new?) denial about the vulnerability to massive fraud in the U.S. election system, joining forces with some ‘mainstream’ and liberal media to poo-poo the Free Press investigative reports. This time, however – unlike previous elections – some domestic news sources like Forbes and the Business Insider and some foreign news organizations are beginning to pay serious attention.

It’s Not Easy Being Green!
As in previous elections, the Green Party is a stalwart partner in the election protection efforts. Green Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and her Vice Presidential running mate Cheri Honkala are literally putting their bodies on the line for deep democracy and speaking out on the election fraud issue.

Arrested after trying to exercise their legal right as third-party candidates on 85% of the country’s ballots to participate in the public corporate parties’ rigged debate theatrics, Stein and Honkala were handcuffed and shackled to chairs for eight hours. Outrageous? Ya think?

Mounting Legal Challenges
If – as massive evidence already suggests – there is serious electoral hankie-pankie in Ohio, the Stein Campaign intends to mount a legal challenge for a total paper ballot recount. Attorney Fitrakis is intentionally running as a Green candidate for the senate in order to have legal standing.

Washington Press Conference
As we post this, we’re off to cover a Monday press conference at the Washington, DC National Press Club on this issue. Then we’ll be back in Columbus to cover Ohio election day shenanigans with the team. Stay tuned…

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