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Dangerous new combination of pulsing microwave radiation coming!

‘Smart’ Meters, Forced Wireless Phones and Pulsed Microwave Emitters Everywhere!

by Mary Beth Brangan

We have three huge new emerging sources of pulsed microwave emissions:

1) The telecom industry push to install millions more microwave emitting antennas and to completely remove any antenna regulation at National, state and local levels.  Here in California it’s written in SB 649 that’s already passed by the Senate and looking like it’s going to sail through the Assembly. (as of June 26.)

2) AT&T is in the process of eliminating landlines, forcing wireless phones for those in its territories.

3) Utilities installing ‘smart’ meters on homes and businesses, schools and stores that pulse microwaves thousands of times per day non-stop.

The timelines for these three are slightly different, but all will combine in the next few years – unless we stop them.

  1. The Problem: Telecoms are De-regulating Themselves

The wireless industry wants full control of the process of placing millions more cell antennas for transmitting microwaves for 4G and 5G products.  They feel the local city and county discretion of cell tower placement and legal compliance is too onerous since there will be so many.  Voila!  Write legislation that removes local jurisdiction. So the Telecoms wrote boiler plate legislation co-authored through ALEC as well as enlisting help from Trump.  These bills have been introduced into a few states so far.  Ohio passed their bill but then 80 Ohio cities sued the state over its removal of their local authority.

California’s bill is SB 649 which is designed to allow 4G/5G equipment – very powerful two-way microwave-transmitters to be placed on virtually every utility pole, light pole even non pole structures in the public rights-of-way in both commercial and residential zones.  The bill will also allow ‘associated equipment’ power supply cabinets right on the sidewalk as large as 35 cubic feet next to each pole or non-pole mounted microwave transmitter.  5G would deploy multiple centimeter and millimeter microwaves and RF/MW radiation that has been heavily tested by scientists.  Much of it is now declassified military research in the public domain.

Certain sized 5G waves (from 28 GHz to 90 GHz) do not penetrate buildings or human tissue as deeply as 4G microwaves – they concentrate their energy on the outer surfaces of buildings or living organisms (skin, eyes, ears.)  These smaller 5G waves don’t travel as far as 4G waves and thus require closely spaced cell towers.

Nearly 150 cities and counties in California oppose SB 649 as well as the League of California Cities; we sincerely hope California’s League of Cities will also sue if the legislation passes.


Electro-Magnetic Denialism

Legislators and Telecoms continue to assume no biological effects exist from pulsing microwaves and continue to ignore the following facts.

SB 649 ignores the California Constitution. The California Constitution declares safety an inalienable right, yet SB 649 mandates compulsory microwave exposure for the public – for men, for women, for children, for pregnant women, for infants, for the elderly, for the infirm and disabled, for those already disabled by electromagnetic sensitivities (EMS) caused by overexposure. (We know many of these unfortunate people.) It is rolling out a new level of microwave-emitting infrastructure without informed consent, increasing public exposure dramatically.

Disability due to electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS) was recognized by the U.S. Access Board in 2002. SB 649 ignores this. SB 649 also ignores a 1998 survey by the California Department of Health Services finding 3.2% of respondents were very sensitive or allergic to EMF. That was over 1 million Californians in 1998 when RF exposure levels were much lower. There is no current prevalence data for EMS in California.

Already existing pulsed microwave emission exposures to the public are sickening growing numbers daily. That number is surely much greater now in 2017 with the ongoing explosion of microwave transmitters and emissions from devices like ‘smart’ meters, ’smart’ phones, wi-fi, baby monitors, I-pads and tablets, geoengineering, weather modification, electronic surveillance and directed energy weaponry.

This is happening despite a mass of well documented and peer-reviewed research on the serious public health and safety concerns from increasing and widespread electromagnetic pollution. Risks include: lack of safety and privacy; growing numbers of digital dementia, sickened, disabled people, plants and wildlife caused by RF/EMF.

California Fire Fighters realize the severe health risks from these pulsed microwave emitters and have negotiated a deal to prevent them from being placed on Fire Houses.  We want our essential Fire Fighters to be protected, yet we all deserve protection.  The Fire Fighters asked for and received an exemption based on negative health effects from RF/MW radiation exposures.  The basis for this is the 2004 brain study of California Fire Fighters which showed brain abnormalities, cognitive impairment, delayed reaction time and lack of impulse control in all firefighters tested.

In California, SB 649 has already been passed by the state Senate and is being rushed through the Assembly. Amendments June 20 have changed this from a seriously dangerous bill to a horrific one.

SB 649 amendments would open the right of way to macro cell towers, as well as “small cells” on utility poles, without regulation, and the bill preempts regulation of broadband over powerline.


Although SB649 proponents claim a huge financial bonanza from additional microwave emitting antenna deployment, there is no objective evidence to support this claim. The cell phone industry is a mature industry: everyone who wants a cell phone already has one.  Driverless cars and the Internet of Things are some of the new uses being visioned by industry.  The frequencies used by 5G are also used by the Dept. of Defense crowd control weapon, ‘Active Denial’ that works by inflicting unbearable pain, as if your body is on fire.

Millions more cell towers would be along every street, every 4 to 10 homes at second story levels and lower. Multiple antennas could be placed on each pole, with emissions that can reach 5 miles. Yet, current recommendations are for at least 1,500 foot set-backs from people, homes, medical facilities, fire and police facilities, elder care facilities, schools and wilderness areas from a single antenna 200 ft. high.  However, with SB 649, microwave exposures may be as close as 12 to 15 ft. and possibly from multiple antennas.

Several studies from around the world show people within the first 500 ft. of a microwave emitting antenna have much higher adverse health effects, including cancer.  Once again, children, pregnant women, the ill, the elderly and those already injured by overexposure are most vulnerable.  There will be no where to escape from these microwave emissions.

What you can do:    Contact your Assembly Members URGENTLY to oppose SB 649. Contact info: &  It would also be very helpful to urge opposition to be expressed from any major organizations you may be members of, or fund.

If letters in opposition to SB 649 are sent before 1:30 pm JUNE 28, they should be sent to:

Assembly Member Cecilia M. Aguiar-Curry,
Chair of the Local Government Committee
1020 N Street, Room 157
Sacramento, California 95814

RE: SB 649 Wireless and Small Cell Telecommunications Facilities (amended 6/20/2017)
Strongly Oppose

MUST be emailed  to, Nidia Bautista <>

Here’s our joint letter of opposition from EON and EMFSafetyNetwork PDF

Instructions for calling:
Call members of the Local Government Committee
  • Ask for the staff person working on SB 649.
  • A brief statement of strong opposition to SB 649 is all that’s needed right now.
  • At this point it’s not about persuading but about numbers of calls.
  • If the staff member is not available you will likely be asked if you want their email. Obviously that’s tough for you, Shary, if you have limited access to a online work right now, but …
  • you can ask to leave a message or have the receptionist make a record that you’re calling in strong opposition.
  • I do feel calls are important tomorrow morning before the hearing. Numbers matter.
  • &
  1. Room 2003 — Staff for Richard Bloom (D-50), 916-319-2050
  2. Room 2114 — Staff for Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher (D-80), 916-319-2080
  3. Room 2174 — Staff for Tom Lackey (R-36), 916-319-2036
  4. Room 2176 — Staff for Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D-54), 916-319-2054
  5. Room 4130 — Staff for Marie Waldron, Vice Chair (R-75), 916-319-2075
  6. Room 4164 — Staff for Timothy S. Grayson (D-14), 916-319-2014
  7. Room 5144 — Staff for Cecilia M. Aguiar-Curry, Chair, (D-04), 916-319-2004
  8. Room 5158 — Staff for Anna M. Caballero (D-30), 916-319-2030
  9. Room 4009 — Staff for Randy Voepel (R-71), 916-319-2071

Additional Assembly member contact information is here.


2)  The Problem: In areas that were strenuously opposing, ‘Smart’ meters are again being forced onto homes. 

PG&E is again forcing homeowners to allow installation of harmful ‘smart’ meters on homes in West Marin, Fairfax and other areas that previously had moratoriums against it.  These electronic meters pulse microwave radiation that travels 2 miles and emits thousands of times per day, non-stop, 24/7, 365 days per year.  Because a neighbor’s meter emissions can penetrate adjacent homes, EON, along with others, argued for Community-wide opt out in a special proceeding at the California Public Utilities Commission.  The corrupt Commission, however, merely pretended that was not part of the discussion and ruled against us, though it was clearly defined in the initial proceeding scope.


What you can do: Unfortunately, all we can do now is to ‘opt out’ though we never opted in to such a dangerous scheme in the first place.  You must contact PG&E to refuse the ‘smart’ meter, or AMI, or any electronic meter (they call them different names) and pay the fees that we consider extortion because you will be paying to not have a harmful meter on your own home.  Various legal challenges have been made over the past years, but the courts always refer the challenges back to the CPUC.  You must pay the $75 up front charge and agree to pay $10 extra per month for three years.  If you change addresses or names on your electric bill, the whole process starts over, according to PG&E rules.  Customers enrolled in the CPUC’s low income program (California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)) electing to opt-out will be assessed an initial fee of $10 and a monthly charge of $5. 

If you can get your neighbors to agree to opt out too, it will be more protective against the harmful pulsed microwaves that transfer into your house wiring and cause pulsing out from between 3 and 8 feet out from the wires in your walls.

3) The Problem: AT&T wants to stop servicing their copper wires and eliminate their landline service.

Many AT&T customers depend on landlines for service; small businesses, the elderly, the hard of hearing, the poor.  Landlines are essential in situations when the electrical power is down for any length of time, since they still operate when cell and smart phones do not.  Tellingly, after a recent natural disaster, Florida’s governor pleaded with people to preserve their landlines. Landlines are essential for emergency calls, since your location isn’t transmitted automatically when calling 911 on a cell phone.

19 states voted to allow AT&T to discontinue landlines.  California did not; in 2016 state legislators voted against AT&T dropping this legacy service.  Too many people rely on it, despite widespread use of cell phones.  Yet AT&T is beginning their process anyway which is slated to be finished by 2020.

This last May, 2017, AT&T customers across the country, including California, found an Amendment to their Service Agreement insert in their bills warning that if AT&T wanted to install electrical equipment on their premises, they must allow them as well as agreeing to both pay the extra for the equipment and pay for the electricity to operate it.  If you did not agree to this, AT&T warned, your telephone service may be disconnected.  The deadline AT&T gave was July 1, 2017.  Many people didn’t recognize the small insert as anything other than advertising and didn’t even read it.  This is an attempt by AT&T to abandon reliable copper landlines and a ‘forced migration’ to AT&T’s digital U-verse service, forcing an Opt-in by default. (According to one AT&T service rep.)

What you can do: 
1.) Call AT&T, 800-288-2020. ask for a center manager, let them know you object to the loss of your landline. You must contact and complain to AT&T before filing a complaint with the CPUC.

2.) File an official complaint with the CPUC,, get a file number for that complaint if you do it online, or ask for a confirmation number if you complain by phone. 3.) Do not allow AT&T to install any new equipment on your property without full disclosure of what it is, what it does, and how it differs from your current service. 4.) Mark any payments to AT&T paid under protest.  You could also say ‘no forced migration’ and ‘keep my landline.’

Tell the CPUC’s complaint department:  Customers are being threatened and misinformed by the rogue activity of AT&T. Customers should be told exactly what equipment is involved, what is planned, what their options are, a resource for getting help or information, and what portions of what contractual relationships or agreements AT&T is using to justify their actions. Please, CAB, take action against these errors. The CPUC should fine AT&T make them issue corrective Notices and apologies. Please, respond to me and give me a file number for this complaint. (this info is for an informal complaint) Thank you.

You can also file a formal CPUC complaint.  But the BEST method is to appear before the formal agenda begins at the regular CPUC business meetings and speak your mind.  That’s the only sure way to be heard in this system.

If you want to keep your landline, NOW is the time to fight to save it. Pass this information on to others as it is being done surreptitiously.

You can download a pdf of the EON PowerPoint presentation on these issues for sharing in your community.


From Friends in Illinois:

Who will pay the price for AT&Ts aggressive push to end traditional landline service?
Working Families
People with health issues
Disabled and blind
Residents of rural areas
Individuals who want a choice
Loss of reliable 911 emergency services

Why is the loss of traditional, reliable landlines a travesty to all residents and businesses? 911 emergency services will not work during a power outage. This is critical for everyone concerned. All phone service available, including AT&T U-verse, requires electricity to operate the equipment. Even cell phones need to be charged, which is not possible during extended power outages.

Before the last hurricane in Florida, the Governor was repeating on TV and radio announcements, “Get a landline! Keep and maintain a landline.”

During Hurricane Sandy the only residents that could stay in touch with others were the ones who could use landlines. All communication devices dependent on electricity were useless. Cell phones could not be charged and computer-based phone lines dependent on a cable modem, would not work without electricity.

Illinois may not get hurricanes, but the state has had its share of floods, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms that caused power outages.

AARP says,

“Recent wireless 911 outages show that telecommunications companies have yet to offer a viable alternative for a significant number of customers. In March, for example, a wireless 911 outage hit AT&T wireless customers in 14 states for about five hours, forcing police departments to urge people to call alternative numbers in an emergency.”

AT&T motive for dismantling copper-wired landlines
AT&Ts reason for aggressively pushing legislation through the General Assembly is to release the corporation from the responsibility for maintaining copper-wired phone lines. AT&Ts agenda: Move customers to computer-based (VoIP) phone services. For the consumer this means using a high speed Internet connection through a cable modem which runs on electricity.

Citizens Utility Board says,

“AT&T, which made $13 billion in profits in 2016, wants the power to end traditional phone service and force customers to use computer-based or wireless substitutes. That could subject those customers to higher bills and unreliable service.”

“AT&T claims that its 1.2 million business and residential landline customers have viable alternatives to traditional servic . . . for many people — including seniors, low-income families and rural residents — home phone service is the most reliable, affordable lifeline to vital services such as 911, home security systems and medical monitoring devices.”

No reliable alternatives to landline phone services
A U. S. Senator leading the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (which has jurisdiction over the FCC) writes to a constituent:

“For decades, Americans have counted on the nation’s landline communications network and its reliability. Even in a time of great change in our communications networks, I agree that landline voice service is an important service. In fact, many people do not realize that wireless communications networks themselves rely upon the availability of landline communications networks to function effectively. It is critical that consumers are protected during this technological change and that new networks provide the same level of reliability as our legacy landline infrastructure.”

AT&T’s alternative, computer-based VoIP, does not provide the same level of reliability. U-verse is NOT a viable alternative.

Professionals and businesses that require secure phone service count on landlines. Law firms, real estate offices, medical facilities, government offices, and financial institutions use landlines because they are cyber-secure and not connected to the Internet. During a power outage, these businesses have to continue providing consumers with vital services. For cyber-secure, uninterrupted phone service, landlines are the only viable option.

Warnings from AARP:
Forcing people onto alternatives, such as wireless or computer-based phone service, could subject them to higher bills, lack of service in extended power outages, spotty reception and dropped calls.

Landline telephone service allows residents to have reliable access to emergency services; it helps low-income families to connect with job opportunities; it helps small businesses to stay in business and connect with new opportunities and customers; and it allows older residents and residents in rural areas to stay connected to family, friends, and neighbors, as well as vital services. Furthermore, [landline telephone service] saves callers millions of dollars by having access to affordable calling plans.

“Those who depend on home phone service shouldn’t have that choice stripped away.”