Wireless Industry Mulls 'EMF Militancy'

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Wirelessness as Cluelessness
Here is a compendium of news reports and recent industry and media responses to the growing number of non-violent civil disobedience actions protesting PG&E’s forced wireless meter installations.

Marin County Sheriff’s Deputies arrest Katharina Sandizell-Smith (left) and
Kristin McCrory (right) in Inverness Park, California this morning.
Photo: Courtesy of Scotts Valley Neighbors Against Smart Meters

Santa Cruz County Passes One Year Emergency Ordinance- Two Arrested This Morning at Rohnert Park Protest

First Arrests of Smart Meter Protesters in U.S. Made Today in Marin Co., California
Should the Wireless Sector be Concerned with Increasing EMF Militancy ?

“First Arrests of Smart Meter Protesters in U.S. Made Today in Marin Co., California”

New York Times coverage:
Health Concerns Over ‘Smart’ Electric Meters Gain Traction in Calif
Calif. County Criminalizes Smart-Meter Installations

Marin IJ Reports: PG&E says it will continue SmartMeter installations despite Marin moratorium
Opponents battle with SmartMeter installers in West Marin

CBS TV coverage
2 Arrests At PG&E SmartMeter Protest In Marin County

For more info:
EMFSafetyNetwork.org StopSmartMeters.wordpress.com BioInitiative.org MagdaHavas.com WilnerandAssociates.com

For a free PDF copy of the just released report by Cindy Sage and Associates on how so-called ‘smart’ meters can violate even the lax FCC radio-frequency exposure guidlines go to SageReports.com

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