What's At Risk from San Onofre – Torgen Johnson

Urban planner Torgen Johnson and his family live near the San Onofre nuclear plant. A restart of the damaged facility would threaten their safety.

Video # 7 in the SHUTDOWN: The Case Against San Onofre: ‘Preview Interview’ series produced by EON in co-operation with WomensEnergyMatters.org. Plus an update from Myla Reson on NRC’s current timeline re San Onofre.

The High Risks of Restart
Urban Planner and father of three talks about the potentially devastating effect a nuclear accident at the San Onofre nuclear reactors would have on the ‘built environment,’ the real estate, industry, agriculture and infrastructure of Southern California…not to mention his family and millions of others in the evacuation zone.

I just spoke with NRC public affairs guy Victor Dricks

Dricks says:

1) The NRC will not take any action on Edison’s License Amendment application prior to June 17 – and that restart would not occur prior to the NRC’s decision on the License Amendment.

2) The next public meeting in Southern California will be for the purpose of discussing the results of the Confirmatory Action Letter (CAL) inspection – and the results of the technical evaluation of Edison’s restart pllan. The decision on restart WILL NOT be discussed or announced at the next public meeting in SoCal.

3) The NRC expects the meeting to take place sometime in mid-June – they will give the public as much prior notice as possible

I asked how much prior notice they’re required to provide – he said 14 days – but they’ve been having much difficulty finding a venue large enough to accomodate 1,000 people – he said they may be force to have the meeting in Irvine or San Diego. if they find a large enough venue they may be forced due to circumstances to shorten the 14 day notice requirement.

Myla Reson
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What Part of Fukushima Do You NOT Understand?
“A common denominator, in every single nuclear accident — a nuclear plant or on a nuclear submarine — is that before the specialists even know what has happened, they rush to the media saying, ‘There’s no danger to the public.’ They do this before they themselves know what has happened because they are terrified that the public might react violently, either by panic or by revolt.” ~ Jacque Cousteau, 1989

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