The Wake-Up Call from Fukushima – Uncensored

A Series of Programs with Prof. Akira Murakami

Join the growing movement to shut down California’s Nuclear Reactors!

Learn uncensored info about Japan’s catastrophe that is affecting the whole world and will continue to affect us all for centuries.

Professor Akira Murakami from Japan’s Akita University will speak about the ongoing health effects and the government lies and media cover-up from the Fukushima nuclear disaster that began March 11, 2011 after the earthquake and tsunamis

Tuesday, March 13 – 1pm to 2pm. – Layna Berman’s KPFA show, Your Own Health and Fitness,
Tuesday, March 13 – 7pm to 9pm – in Bolinas – call or email for location – – EON – 415-868-1900

Wednesday, March 14, 7pm to 9pm – Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists in the Connie Barbour Room, upstairs without wheelchair access (sorry), 1606 Bonita Ave at the corner of Cedar and Bonita in Berkeley. $ 5 – 10 suggested donation. No one turned away due to lack of funds.

Also with Prof. Murakami – Kimberly Roberson, former Greenpeace anti-nuclear activist, will read from her new book “Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout…A Mother’s Response” on fallout in our food here in the U.S. and the horrifying implications for her as a young mother of a four year old child, as well as her determination to do something about it.

Sponsored by the Ecological Options Network, EON, and co-sponsored by Joanna Macy, and the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists

Friday, March 16, 8 am. Prof. Murakami will also be featured on Project Censored’s KPFA show Morning Mix.
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Representatives of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network and EON - the Ecologicaly Options Network meet with Japanese San Francisco embassy officials.

We presented 7,000 petitions to the San Francisco Japanese Consulate in November of 2011 to plead with their government not to intentionally further spread Fukushima radiation. The plan is to move millions of tons of radioactive rubble throughout Japan to be incinerated in places formerly uncontaminated and then to dump the radioactive ash into landfills and into the ocean. Incinerating this debris also can put radiation into the jet stream. Fukushima Solidarity Movement Grows – A Planetary Issue, link to the video on YT: Fukushima Solidarity in San Francisco

The video in Japanese translation – with over 15,000 views is here:

The jet stream brings what happens in Japan here on the West Coast of North America about four days later. The radioactive fallout gets into our water, soil, milk and food and certainly influences our own health here in the Bay area and throughout the West Coast (and the rest of the planet.)

The UC Berkeley School of Nuclear Engineering has tested and found elevated levels of deadly radiation in SF Bay area food, milk, soil and water. As recently as mid February, 2012 elevated levels of Cesium 134 and 137 were detected in Bay Area milk.

The UC Berkeley labs also found elevated levels of radiation in other foods, berries, soil, water, etc.     We’ve taken this information to both Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer and their staffs and have called on them to help.

All four California nuclear power reactors are also on earthquake faults in tsunamis zones!
The cover-ups and lies from the Japanese government and TEPCO in response to the Fukushima meltdowns and explosions is what we can expect to happen here if we had a disaster at one of our nuclear reactors. Actually cover-ups and lies about the leaks and diseases caused by our own reactors have already occurred.

San Onofre Nuclear Power Station in San Clemente, California was recently forced to close because of radiation leaking from cracked cooling pipes.  These cracks from the Japanese manufactured steam generator

are now revealed to have been known by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NRC, before the generator was installed just two years ago!  Information about the fallout already here is also covered up. Meanwhile our tax dollars are being spent on funding more nuclear reactors.  The first license in three decades in the U.S. for building new reactors was just granted by the NRC.

We have much to gain from acting on this wake-up call to close down our reactors. Join us in the growing Nuclear Free California movement to close them down!
Professor Murakami teaches North American culture and media literacy at Akita University in North East Japan. His talks will include: People still living in what should be “Exclusion Zones”; Campaigns for mothers and children; Radioactive contamination spreading through food and waste material;Cover-up by the government and the media.

These events are being sponsored byEON, the Ecological Options Network,

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