SMUD "Smart" Meter Opt-Out Policy Discussion 2-29-12

Screen shot from SMUD website.

Caution! Slow Down! –
Decision-Makers At Work

Below is an audio-only excerpt of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Integrated Resources & Customer Services Committee Special Meeting Feb. 29, 2012 in which a proposed ‘smart’ meter opt-out policy was discussed.

This excerpt begins at 00:53:30 of the full meeting audio recording which is currently on-line at .

The board members and staff attempt to formulate policy for those customers who, ‘for some unknown reason’ (as the chair puts it) want to opt-out of wireless meters.

It makes you wonder what part of the words ‘privacy,’ ‘safety.’ ‘security,’ ‘over-billing,’ ‘hackability,’ ‘electro-magnetic pollution,’ ‘tax-payer-financed corporate boondoggle’ ‘science-based decision-making’ and ‘democratic choice’ they don’t understand.

As Sandi Maurer of the EMFSafety Network puts it:

SMUD shenanigans
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is implementing a smart meter opt-out program that’s intentionally designed to intimidate and discourage customers from opting opt. This audiotape is a unique inside look into industry plotting against their customers.

SMUD is charging $127 upfront and $39.40 per month, and they want to cut off customer rights to opt out by Dec. 31, 2012. They plan to only notify those know who’ve already complained, which is 2,500 of their 600,000 customers. SMUD will not post about the smart meter opt out program on their website.

Even though SMUD is very concerned about their ‘reputational risk’ at [01:51:54] the directors make fun of people who don’t want utility smart meters on their property.

One director says, “The $166 upfront will convince them they can really afford a lot of tin foil hats” [laughter]…Another director says, “But they are already wearing them!” Listen here:

In closing Director Posner says, “The less that’s said about this, the better off we are.” The last thing they want is a social media campaign that exposes them as unfriendly to their customers.

Are you a SMUD customer? Do you know people who are? Please let them know about this.

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