SMeter Showdown Mounts – Opt-Outs, Cop Outs, Lights Out – Public Comments & Updates

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SMeter War Heats Up – Just in Time for the Holidays
This edition features several reports from the front lines of the escalating conflict between PG&E and its customers, as ‘smart’ meter radiation victims picket the chairman of the board’s home, people have ‘smart’ meters removed by licensed electricians, and the utility shows its Christmas spirit by cutting their power in retaliation.

Peevey Prevaricates
On Nov. 22, 2011, California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey issued a proposed ruling on ‘smart’ meter opt-out options, which turns its back on people’s concerns, scientific facts and democratic choice.
His proposal would prohibit cities or counties opting out collectively.
It would eliminate analog meters.
It would cancel and eliminate the ‘delay list’ for ‘smart’ meter installation.
It would charge customers a $90 up-front fee and a monthly fee of $15 for turning off the radio transmitter in the ‘smart’ meter.

The proposed ruling ignores many issues; among them:
– RF radiation exposure caused by the neighborhood ‘mesh network’
– The intense RF radiation from the SMPS that transmits constantly despite the ‘radio off,’ propagating dirty electricity throughout the residential electrical wires.
– That there could be many other ways to keep analog meters at no extra cost.
– That there are critical unresolved security, privacy, health and environmental problems

You can download a PDF of Mr. Peevey’s autocratic Proposed Decision here.

EON, together with other parties in the CPUC proceeding, has submitted comments on the proposed Peevey ruling. Here are the links to PDFs of those filings:
EON; EMF Safety Network ; Aglet; ACRCASM; San Francisco; TURN; Lake County; PG&E; S. Cal. Edison; David Wilner Associates; and Fairfax.

Below is the video of the outraged public comments on Peevey’s proposed ruling heard Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011, plus related reports and updates.

Angry Customers Return SmartMeters – KION TV

The Great Smart Meter Return

SmartMeter Opponents Protest Outside PG&E Board Member’s Home
By Katelyn Sykes – KION
CARMEL, Calif–

SmartMeter opponents are at it again, except this time, they’re targeting PG&E board members.

Earlier this week, about a dozen SmartMeter opponents gave their meters back to PG&E in Capitola. On Saturday, they protested at the home of Lee Cox, non-executive Chairman of the Board of Pacific Gas and Electric Company. They want the SmartMeter program stopped, and the return of analog meters.

“We’ve been sort of forced to say we want action on this issue,” said Nina Beety, SmartMeter opponent. “We want it now. It’s an urgent issue.”

The issue this group says is urgent has to do with SmartMeters. Protesters want the SmartMeter program banned, so they’re going straight to Lee Cox, who serves as the non-executive Chairman of the Board of PG&E.

“We want him to convene the board and discuss the issues that maybe they’re not aware of,” said Beety. “We want them to look at the problems with SmartMeters and declare their own moratorium on the program.”

“We want him to feel what we feel,” said Sudi Scull, SmartMeter opponent. “PG&E is basically taken away our privacy, the sanctity of our homes so I want him to sort of get that same feeling when we come here.” read more

Group protests smart meters outside Carmel home of PG&E director
Herald Staff Writer

The chairman of the board of directors for the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. listened to complaints from a small gaggle of protesters who gathered outside his Carmel home Saturday and attempted to address some of their criticisms of smart meters.

Lee Cox heard from a group of eight people that the devices, which now monitor electricity use in about 8million American homes, represent a health hazard, an invasion of privacy, and are more costly to consumers than the 50-year-old analog technology.

“This is about money, power and control,” said Ellen Cecil of Marina. “I call it the DIE Effect, because they are dangerous, invasive and expensive.”

Cox, a 70-year-old retiree from the wireless industry, maintained a cordial demeanor during the hourlong conversation, occasionally debating some of the charges, but always under the umbrella of a disclaimer: “I’m not the CEO,” he told them. “I don’t direct the company. I don’t set policies, I don’t hire and fire anybody. I’m the chairman of the board.”
read more

Protesters threatened with loss of electricity
Bay City News Service report

SANTA CRUZ — Protesters who removed their SmartMeters and returned them to a PG&E office in Capitola this week are now faced with having their service cut off.

About a dozen protesters hired a professional electrician to remove their SmartMeters this week and replace them with analog meters, according to Josh Hart, director of the group Stop Smart Meters. The group attempted to return the meters to a PG&E office in Capitola on Wednesday, but police were called and the office shut down in response to the protest.

Now Live Oak resident Bianca Carn and several others have received phone calls warning that they will have their power shut off if they do not allow PG&E to reinstall the SmartMeters.

Carn said she had the meter removed because she is convinced the radio frequencies it emits are responsible for recent headaches suffered by her two children. She said she had first tried to get PG&E to remove the meter, but the utility had refused. read more

PG&E’s new boss pledges improvements in safety and service
By George Avalos
Contra Costa Times

PG&E Chairman, CEO and President Anthony Earley Jr., speaks during a news... ( Paul Sakuma )

Conceding that customers are justified in not trusting PG&E, the utility’s new boss marked his first 90 days at the helm Monday by vowing major changes in the coming year to upgrade its safety and reliability in the wake of the 2010 gas explosion in San Bruno.

“The public has good reason not to trust PG&E,” CEO Tony Earley said during a news conference at the company’s San Francisco headquarters. “I understand that.” read more

New Troubles With Smart Meters – KSBW TV video
PG&E is shutting off the power to customers who have removed their Smart Meters.

Click here to view video.

PG&E cuts power to three SmartMeter opponents
By JASON HOPPIN — Santa Cruz Sentinel
Posted: 12/13/2011 06:49:26 PM PST

SANTA CRUZ – Less than two weeks before Christmas, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has shut off power to no fewer that three county residents who removed SmartMeters from their homes.

The move reduced one customer to tears, left a mother of two without electricity and had others fearing they were next. And with PG&E representatives present at Tuesday’s county board meeting for a SmartMeter-related issue, incredulous board members grilled a company executive.

“It’s hard for me to believe that PG&E, given all the public-relations nightmares it’s been involved in lately, is willing to add another one,” said Supervisor Ellen Pirie, leading a contingent of board members who seemed genuinely befuddled by the utility’s actions.

“We’re having a Dickensian moment here,” Supervisor John Leopold said. “I would urge you to say, ‘Let’s get in the spirit of the holidays.'” read more

From Jeff Nordahl – Launched!

Jeff Nordahl delivers complaints to CAB's Harold Williams

FYI – On Friday Dec 9, I hand delivered the first 260 California SmartMeter
complaints to Harold Williams at the CPUC Consumer Affairs Branch. He
promised to handle each complaint as a unique individual complaint, and he said his office would generate response letters to each customer. He was well informed that these complaints had come in only in the first 10 days of the website going live.

I would like to hand deliver THOUSANDS – so please make sure to get everyone you can to fill out the online form. I promise to hand deliver all
complaints to Harold Williams. He was very nice, and encouraged more
complaints – that is the purpose of CAB – to process complaints!

Also from Jeff Nordahl
Santa Cruz Board Questions PG&E – SmartMeter ShutOffs

Problems with Smart Meters, Nevada – KNVD

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