'Smart' Meter Radiation Measured – Video

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Documenting E-Smog
From Stratford, Ontario comes an informative video from the martinwea YouTube channel. The radio frequency meter shows how strong the radiation is and the sound illustrates how often the meter is transmitting.

“A ‘smart meter’ was recently placed on this house. It replaced a safe electricity meter that was perfectly servicable and did not need to be changed. The meter is located on the outside wall of a bedroom. The microwave radiation from the meter, penetrates through the brick wall and engulfs the bedroom in very strong, very dangerous microwave radiation. Other areas of the house are also affected, to a lessor extent and the resident reports ill health effects since the meter was installed….

These Smart meters have been badly named, there is nothing smart about an electricity meter that harms people, animals and the environment.

Festival Hydro, who installed these meters throughout Stratford, now face huge liability issues from citizens who are made ill from the radiation.”