Scenes from a Shut Down

California’s Bellwether ‘Smart Meter’ Fight
Heats Up

The message?
A Wireless Grid Ain’t ‘Smart.’
For a Wise Grid, Put it in the Wires!

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Three determined women – two young mothers and an ecofeminist author – risk arrest demanding a moratorium on installation of smart meters and essential technical information describing exactly what the emissions are composed of that are making people sick. But PG&E refused to have police make arrests, people theorized, in order to prevent more publicity about the widely criticized meters and the health problems increasingly associated with them. Many PG&E customers are reporting headaches, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus and heart palpitations that began when the new wireless meters were installed. About thirty demonstrators from throughout the Bay area participated.

National Industry Eyes are on a Growing Movement
Protesters from a growing coalition of Northern California citizen and ratepayer groups opposing PG&E’s ‘no-opt-out’ forced installation of wireless gas and electric meters block the exit to Wellington, Inc., the meter installer’s truck yard, and close down a PG&E service center demanding answers to their questions concerning EMF exposure levels.

Wireless Ain’t ‘Smart’
Local, state, national and even international opposition to the wireless meter rollout – the largest in history – is growing as citizens, rate-payers and public officials learn more about the serious human health, safety, privacy, accuracy and national security risks associated with the un-tested, invasive, hackable wireless technology.

Wires Are Wise
Though corporations are green-washing the profit-driven program as “necessary to a planet-saving, energy-conserving so-called ‘smart grid,'” both cyber-security experts and the growing numbers of people with electro-sensitivity agree that wireless meters are not essential, would in fact make the ‘smart’ grid dangerous and vulnerable, and that it’s wiser to ‘put it in the wires.’
Taking the lead is a country like Italy, or a city like Chattanooga, Tennessee, which are pursuing the wise grid approach to the ‘smart grid’ concept using fiber optic cables, phone lines or power lines.
This is a cinema verite’-style montage of scenes from the action.