Nuclear Free California Members Issue Statement on Fukushima's One Year Marker

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Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactors on earthquake faults in a tsunami zone near San Luis Obispo, CA

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) in an earthquake fault and tsunami zone in the densly populated area between Los Angeles and San Diago, CA

California Coalition to ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ Gets Going
On March 3, 2012 the recently-formed Nuclear Free California Network held the third in its series of organizing meetings, this time in San Luis Obispo, hosted by the the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace.

The Network’s rotating facilitation was handled this session by the Ecological Options Network’s Mary Beth Brangan in collaboration with EON’s Rachel Johnson and SLOMFP’s Jane Swanson.

Nuclear Free California is a growing network of over 25 citizen activist groups, which share the goals of shutting down California’s two dangerously aging nuclear reactor installations at Diablo Canyon and San Onofre (both in earthquake and tsunami zones like Fukushima’s), as well as promoting truly ecologically and economically sustainable energy strategies in this influential bellwether state.

NFCN Aims to Build on Past Movement Victories
It needs to be remembered by the new generation of nuclear free world campaigners that – through the ’70s and ’80s – California’s robust and well-organized anti-nuclear movement not only used non-violent, mass civil disobedience to block the planned build-out of a projected 100 nuclear reactors along the state’s coast, but also got a state law passed prohibiting construction of additional nuclear reactors until and unless a safe nuclear waste storage system has been established.

In the absence of such a waste containment program, the law still stands.

However, the operating privately-owned utilities – PG&E for Diablo, and joint owners San Diego Gas & Electric, the city of Riverside, Southern California Edison for San Onofre – are pursuing license extensions for their aging and risky reactor installations in multiple earthquake fault and tsunami zones similar to Fukushima’s.

Members of the NFC Network issued the following statement ahead of the one-year anniversary of Fukushima’s still-on-going, globe-contaminating multiple meltdown.

Workers begin pouring cement onto the seabed at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant on Feb. 28. (Eiji Hori)

Nuclear Free California Network Members’ Statement

March 11, 2012 is the one year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster and the subsequent nuclear meltdowns. We remember the lost lives and on-going suffering of the people of Fukushima and Japan. They continue to be contaminated by radioactive material, which has spread throughout the world.

The people of California are acutely aware that California’s two aging nuclear plants – San Onofre near San Diego, and Diablo Canyon near San Luis Obispo –  are both surrounded by multiple  earthquake faults and have the potential to cause great harm to the people of California and the earth.

We do not trust the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The agency’s actions show that it is more concerned with the profits of the industry than with the safety of the public.

On this day of remembrance, we will work for the  closure of California’s two nuclear plants and the permanent elimination of nuclear power and weapons in California and throughout the globe.

We also join in and support the many actions and meetings taking place in California and internationally on this one year anniversary.

The above Joint Statement is supported by the following member-groups of the

Nuclear Free California Network (in alphabetical order):

Abalone Alliance Clearinghouse

EON – the Ecological Options Network

Green Action

No Nukes Action Committee

Nuclear Hotseat Podcast

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Redwood Alliance

ROSE – Residents Organized For a Safe Environment

San Clemente Greens

San Luis Obispo Mothers For Peace

Tri-Valley CAREs  – Communities Against a Radioactive Environment

Women’s Energy Matters

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