Meltdowns, Blowback & Cover-ups – Nukushima Digest 4-5-11

Crisis at Japan Nuclear Plant Shifts to New Blast Risk

TEPCO Knew Radiation In Seawater Is 7.5 Million Above Normal Before It Started Dumping Radioactivity In Sea On Monday

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant – NYT

‘No safe levels’ of radiation in Japan
Experts warn that any detectable level of radiation is “too much”.

ABS:CBN Nuclear radiation: There is no safe dose

Government Under Fire as Radiation Is Found in Milk, Rain

Pr. Chris Busby, ECRR, versus Dr. Jack Valentin , ICRP, 1(2)
by Radio Active

The scientific discussion that may stop the apocalyptic process of polluting the earth with radioactive particles that get into human blood through air flows and destroy human DNA irrepearably. Filmed by Ditta Rietuma.

Stockholm, 22nd April 2009. The recently resigned Scientific Secretary of the ICRP, Dr Jack Valentin (, conceeds to Pr. Chris Busby, ECRR ( , that the ICRP model can not be used to predict the health effects of exposures and that for certain internal exposures it is insecure by up to two orders of magnitude. He also said that as he was no longer employed by ICRP he could agree that the ICRP and the United Nations committee on radiation protection (UNSCEAR) had been wrong in not examining the evidence from the Chernobyl accident, and other evidence outlined below, which shows large errors in the ICRP risk model. Read more…

Pr. Chris Busby, ECRR, versus Dr. Jack Valentin , ICRP, 1(2) from Radio Active on Vimeo.

ECRR 2010 Recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk
Download free PDF here.

The UN Cover Up of Ionizing Radiation Health FX

Deconstructing Nuclear Experts – Dr. Chris Busby
Some May be More Dangerous Than Radiation

The Push to Revive Nuclear Power

The Push to Revive Nuclear Power, an award-winning video documentary, was made during the first Bush administration?but the claims of nuclear promoters then and now remain the same. This documentary explodes myths–still being promulgated–such as nuclear power relieving the need for oil and helping with climate change. It includes appearances by: Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, Harvey Wasserman, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Michael Mariotte of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Robert Pollard of the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Ralph Nader, who in it describes nuclear power as ?unnecessary, too costly, too dangerous and destructive in terms of future generations.? Produced by EnviroVideo in 1991.

Japan’s nuclear power crisis could force reactor closures

RADIATION EXPOSURE DEBATE RAGES INSIDE EPA — Plan to Radically Hike Post-Accident Radiation in Food & Water Sparks Hot Dissent

Germany Abandons Nuclear Power

April 6 Fukushima forecast shows Northwest US under threat (CLOSEUP)‬

Checking a nuclear fault line
PG&E should be required to permit a 3-D scan of faults near the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant before it applies to renew its operating license.

List of Power Reactor Units

Potential April 6th Fukushima Fallout Forecast Shows U.S. West Coast Under Threat

San Francisco Rainwater: Radiation 181 Times Above US Drinking Water Standard

Radioactivity in Sea up 7.5 Million Times
Marine life contamination well beyond Japan feared
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