EON EMF Video Digest – 9-24-2010 – Uninsurable Risks

CBC The National – Cell Phones and Insurance Companies
Wendy Mesley reports about how many insurance companies are not covering cell phone manufacturers and wireless carriers – 60% refuse to insure purveyors against future health damage suits. Devra Davis interviewed.

Proven Harmful Effects of EMF Exposure
Dr. Henry Lai, the first researcher to show double-strand breaks in DNA caused by exposure to electro-magnetic radiation (EMR), talks about the many peer-reviewed studies showing harmful health effects from long-term exposure to low levels of EMR.

Suppressing the Science on Cell Phone Risks
Leading Austrian medical researcher Prof. Franz Adlkofer coordinated the REFLEX study of EMR bioeffects funded by the European Commission. The study’s conclusion: High frequency electro-magnetic fields damage genes and gene function. He tells how telecom interests attempted (unsuccessfully) to discredit the study and destroy the careers of its authors and publishers.

Mapping Health Risks in a Wireless World
Dr. Om Gandhi, a pioneer researcher in the bioeffects of EMF exposure, explains why the recent explosion of wireless devices has made existing US EMF exposure ‘guidelines’ dangerously outdated.