EON Brings Light in Dark Times

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Dear Friends,
2013 has seen the shutdown of San Onofre nuclear power plant, the growth of citizen’s networks responding to the on-going Fukushima radioactive fallout, and mounting public awareness of the risks posed to human health posed by electro-magnetic radiation from cell phones, wireless ‘smart’ meters and other devices. EON has been actively engaged with all these events and more.

This has been an intense and productive year as the EON Team has expanded to include video producers Morgan Peterson and Laurent Malaquais in Los Angeles and social media consultant Caroline Kittrell in Chico.
While we have focused on nuclear and electromagnetic radiation issues, we have also continued to cover election protection, GMOs, evolutionary biology and international trade agreements.

The 120 video reports and 50 blogs we have posted so far this year show the range of issues we cover. Our YouTube channel now has 2,635 subscribers with views of over 1.5 million and our roster of FaceBook and EonNewsNet Twitter followers have increased significantly.

Please consider contributing whatever donation you can afford. We need your support to continue our work, and every amount is helpful. EON is a 501-c-3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible.

Southern Calfornia nuke free activists and organizers celebrate outside the San Onofre nuclear power plant's gate SoCal Edison's decision to permanently decommission the two remaining faulty reactor units.

SHUTDOWN! One down, one to go in California
When we began 2013, we had no idea we would be blessed in June with the permanent closing of San Onofre nuclear reactors!

Hard work by residents, organizations and groups, together with the legal challenges by FOE and the support of Senators Boxer and Markey, combined with failing steam generators and cheap gas prices to force Southern California Edison to shut down their last two reactors.

EON’s on-going series of 54 video reports played a role in making sure that the brave folks doing the work were seen by the public and the Nuclear Free movement throughout the state and beyond during the process and we’re now producing a documentary entitled SHUTDOWN: The California-Fukushima Connection for release next year.

Our commitment is to give a voice to the people on the ground valiantly working for justice, democracy and healthy environments that you won’t see in the major corporate media. We’ve been called ‘C-Span for the grassroots’ and the 120 video reports and the 50 blogs we produced in 2013 alone mirrored the incredibly effective and determined action of folks like you.

Co-Counsel Attornys Charles Bonner (l) and Paul Garner (r) with US Navy client Lindsay Cooper (c) outside the San Diego Courthouse, Nov. 19, 2013 - EON photo

On our ongoing coverage of the Fukushima disaster:
Our latest release is an interview with the lead plaintiffs and their lawyers in the sailor’s lawsuit against TEPCO. They’re suing the Fukushima Dai-ichi operator for covering up the meltdowns and thereby exposing young US service people aboard the USS Reagan to horrendous amounts of radioactivity as they were providing humanitarian aide to Japanese victims of the tsunami and earthquake. They were aboard the USS Reagan aircraft carrier only a couple of miles offshore directly in the blowing airborne plume of high radioactivity while drinking and bathing in highly radioactive water. View video here.

On our ongoing coverage of the struggle against forced exposure to harmful levels of RF/EMF radiation:

Dr. Devra Davis introduces a program on cell phone risks - EON photo

Devra Davis, PhD, founder of Environmental Health Trust, author and lecturer, revealing important new information about cell phones and sperm damage, cell phones in bras leading to breast cancer and most shocking of all, digital dementia in children (verified by MRI) caused by overuse of digital technologies, officially diagnosed in South Korea. View video here.

Please donate whatever is possible for you to help us continue our unique work! Help us continue to help others!

We wish you a Bright Solstice and Happy Holidays,

Jim, Mary Beth, Rachel and the rest of the EON team