Electro-Magnetic Facism Shows It's Face in Naperville

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Cops at the door to enforce wireless meter installation. Photo: NapervilleSmartMeter

The Naperville Chronicles – A Developing Story
Recent events in Naperville, Illinois, an epicenter of ‘smart’ meter resistance, reveal the naked face of technocratic corporatism. But it may just prove to be the example of authoritarian overreach that creates a tidal wave of public outrage. The banality of go-along-to-get-along evil is shown in the faces of the neanderthal police and installers who ‘just do their job’ in running roughshod over the rights of property owners and renters.

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Naperville armed police assist forced Smart Meter deployment- Two mothers arrested – EMFSafetyNetwork.org
(ILLINOIS) From Naperville Smart Meter Awareness (NSMA): Two Naperville mothers were arrested today in conjunction with the forced installation of smart meters. NSMA President, Kim Bendis and Board Member, Jen Stahl were arrested today during a forced installation at Jen’s home. more

Naperville Police Force Smart Meters- Arrest Two Mothers; Community Reels- and Reacts StopSmartMeters.org
NAPERVILLE, IL- The deployment of the “smart grid” took a dark turn on Wednesday in Illinois, as residents in the City of Naperville (CON) woke up to the reality of ‘smart’ meters forced on their homes by police officers and municipal utility installers working together to intimidate- and in two cases arrest- residents who continue to refuse the meters and protect their homes.

Naperville resident talks to police and smart meter installer

Two Naperville, Illinois Women Arrested Defending Homes From Smart Meters

ILLINOIS NAZI police trespass to install “smart meter”

Installer refuses to leave property

Naperville Police Assist Smart Meter Installers

[ For updated video reports see NapervilleSmartMeter’s Channel. ]

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