Digest of Recent Movement News 1-20-2011

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The Movement Spreads

Although industry-friendly spin-meisters would like the public to believe resistance to wireless ‘smart’ meters is confined to ‘a few crazies in Northern California’s Marin County,’ media coverage – some fact-based, some denial-based – has gone national and seems to have corporate greed-heads worried. Both serious health and security risks are coming to the fore. Here’s a harvest of some recent pieces.

Photo by Tim Porter – Marin Magazine

Smart Meters, Dumb Idea?
Why Marin activists oppose PG&E’s plan
By Nate Seltenrich – Marin Magazine

Calif. Agency Mulls ‘Opt Out’ or Wired Substitutes as Fallout Over Smart Meters Persists
By Colin Sullivan and Debra Kahn – New York Times

Mendocino considers stalling SmartMeters
By Glenda Anederson – THE PRESS DEMOCRAT

Will “Smart” Household Electricity Meters Give You Cancer?
By Kiera Butler – Mother Jones Magazine [ The historical Mother Jones must be rolling in her grave at this snide and shoddy piece. ]

Outsmarting Smartmeters
By Anna McCarthy – Marinscope Newspapers

Marin sheriff defies supervisors, won’t enforce SmartMeter ban
By Nels Johnson – Marin Independent Journal

Are We heading for a Smart Grid ‘Inconvenient Truths’ Experience?
by Gary L Hunt in Electric Power

SmartMeter security is a growing concern!
by Russ Steele – NC Media Watch

Report finds smart-grid security lacking
by Elinor Mills – CNET News

Progress Being Made on Cybersecurity Guidelines, but Key Challenges Remain to be Addressed

Money trumps security in smart-meter rollouts, experts say
by Elinor Mills – CNET News

Why Pulsed Microwave Frequencies [like those in wireless meters] are More Harmful
From Magda Havas

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