CHERNOBYL to FUKUSHIMA – Lessons to be Learned

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A video series in five parts. [Scroll down to view.]

From Russia With Love
In the wake of Fukushima three women with profound personal knowledge of the social, economic, medical, biological and environmental impacts of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster came to the U.S. to share their experiences and insights in a national speaking tour sponsored by Beyond Nuclear.

The delegation included:
Natalia Miranova – world renowned organizer at forefront of nuclear debates, won Supreme Court case against government of Russia.
Natalia Manzurova – cleanup engineer at Chernobyl for five years and international advocate for radiation victims.
Tatiana Mukhamedyarova – outspoken voice on radiation exposure with the Movement for Nuclear Safety.

[ For personal video interviews with each of these women, please see our previous post: Chernobyl Consciousness – Three Womans’ Stories
For more videos on this topic please see:
KEEPERS of the DEADLY FIRE – An interview with Nuclear Guardianship Project Founder Joanna Macy.
FUKUSHIMA FALLOUT – Lessons from Chernobyl with Dr. Dave DeSante
DVD copies available on request: 415-868-1900 ]

The delegation’s presentation at San Fransisco State University, organized by Department of American Indian Studies Lecturer Philip Klasky, was co-sponsored by his Department as well as the Department of Anthropology, the Environmental Studies Program and the Earth Island Institute’s Center for Safe Energy.

Other speakers included, Philip Klasky, Dr. Carlos Davidson of the Environmental Studies Program, Andrew Lichterman from the Western States Legal Foundation and Ernest Goitein, a nuclear engineer.

Part 1 – The Planetary Context
Philip Klasky, Lecturer in American Indian Studies and Dr. Carlos Davidson, Director of the SFSU Environmental Studies Program, lay out the cultural, environmental and historical context of nuclear technology.

Part 2 – Lessons Ignored
World renowned sociologist and anti-nuclear organizer Dr. Natalia Miranova presents the scientific, ecological and social implications of the Chernobyl and Fukushimsa disasters.

Part 3 – A Radiation Biologist’s Story
Radiation biologist Natalia Manzurova tells of her experience as a Chernobyl ‘clean up liquidator’ – translated by psychologist Tatiana Mukhamedyarova.

Part 4 – The Role of Social Movements
Attorney Andrew Lichterman of the Western States Legal Foundation discusses the difficulties of obtaining accurate information about the emerging impacts of Fukushima and the role of social movements in combating the madness of nuclear power and weapons proliferation.

Part 5 – Q&A
In the conclusion, panelists, including world renowned sociologist and anti-nuclear organizer Dr. Natalia Miranova; radiation biologist Natalia Manzurova; attorney Andrew Lichterman and nuclear engineer Ernest Goitein respond to comments and questions from the audience.

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