Cellphone Casualties – Pt. 3 of Cellphones & Health

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Cellphone Cancer Victims Speak Out
This press conference followed a program on cellphone health risks at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club. Cellphone cancer victims tell their personal stories and those of their lost loved ones.

In the photo on the left brain cancer survivor attorney Bret Bocook shows his own brain tumor caused by his heavy cellphone use.

Speakers include: Dr. Devra Davis – Epidemiologist, Founder – EnvironmentalHealthTrust.org; Bret Bocook – Attorney, cellphone cancer survivor – California; Cristin Prischman, cellphone cancer widow – Illinois; Craig Farver, father of cellphone cancer victim; Stuart Cobb, cellphone cancer survivor – Maine; Stuart Cobb. cellphone cancer survivor – Maine; Mindy Brown, widow of cancer victim Coach Dan Brown; Ellen Marks, wife of cellphone cancer survivor Alan Marks.

For more info: EnvironmentalHealthTrust.org; BioInitiative.org; EMFSafetyNetwork.org; MagdaHavas.com.