An Angry Public Fights Wireless Meters

Danger! Danger! Radiation!
We’ve got a problem
Across the nation.
Shout it to your neighbors.
Shout it to your friends.
Tell your politicians,
‘Smart’ meters have to end!

Chant by Sandi Maurer

Wising Up to Wireless Risks [ scroll down to view video ]
In an energetic public meeting, Marin County, California law-makers and citizens present the multi-faceted case against Northern California utility monopoly PG&E’s forced installation of un-tested wireless so-called ‘smart’ meters.

Incoming Board Chair Susan Adams recommends revisiting the idea of a moratorium ordinance, recounting a briefing by emergency ham radio operators on the electrical interference that wireless meters create for their system.

Supervisors Charles McGlashan and Steve Kinsey agree to revisit the issue in a public hearing, with Kinsey inviting his West Marin constituents to inform his office if unwanted wireless meter installations occur before that hearing is scheduled.

Acting Chair Judy Arnold directs her staff to look into getting PG&E to remove unwanted wireless meters.

Hotspots of Wireless Opposition
Bellwether counties Marin, Sonoma and Santa Cruz, have emerged as the epicenter of California’s growing wildfire of opposition against PG&E’s heavy-handed assault on democratic choice, public health, privacy, property rights and national security.

The wireless roll-out is part of an ill-conceived, profit-driven plan to implement a Wireless World in which freedom of choice, privacy, public health protection and un-hackable national energy security are all things of the past.

Across the country, utilities’ eyes are focused on the Northern California spark of informed public resistance that could ignite a national and even international insurgency. This scheme, masquerading as a ‘save-the-planet’ ‘smart grid’ project will exponentially increase the level of electro-magnetic radiation exposure for an already seriously over-exposed population fighting for its rights.