UPDATED – HE DID! – Demand Gov. Brown veto the SB 649 telecom industry coup in California!

California: Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes bill easing permits on cell phone towers

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We’ve only got a few more days to urge Gov. Brown veto this seriously dangerous bill!  Please take action! He has until 10/15 to sign or veto the bill.

Click here or on the link below to have EMF Safety Network send a postcard from you urging veto to Gov. Brown.

Listen to the RADIO AD from the California Alliance for Safer Technology regarding SB 649. This radio ad was created by Doug Wood and supported by CAST and CA-BTA.  It has been and continues to air statewide:

Mercury News Editorial: Gov. Brown, veto the bill that lets rich telecoms use public property practically free – September 26, 2017

The California Legislature wants to give telecom companies a nice big gift: at least $30 million a year, and perhaps billions of dollars in savings at the direct expense of cities that both rely on the money and use their current leverage to negotiate improved coverage for poor neighborhoods.

Gov. Jerry Brown — or, perhaps more to the point, former Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown — has to stop it. He should veto SB 649, which gives telecoms carte blanche to put their “small cell” antennas on any public property — street lights, public buildings — with a token fee, instead of negotiating with cities for the use of taxpayer-owned facilities.

It’s an outrageous giveaway to companies whose profits are in the  tens of billions. And it’s a slap in the face to California residents and taxpayers, who shouldn’t be forced to allow access to public property without just compensation. It will raise serious liability issues, but lawmakers left that up to cities to resolve, even though they took away cities’ bargaining power.  Read more…

Please see our previous posts for more in depth information, as well as why this is such a financial,  public health and environmental disaster in the making.

Postcard Campaign to Beat the Bill

Prize-winning cartoonist Brian Narelle worked with EMF Safety Network’s Sandi Mauer and EON’s Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle to create a postcard message to Gov. Jerry Brown:



Dear Governor Jerry Brown,

We ask you to veto Senate Bill 649. We don’t want unlimited cell towers in California.

Peer reviewed studies show health effects of cell tower radiation include: fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, ringing in the ears, learning, memory and heart problems, increased cancer risk, and more. Studies show radiation harms nature, trees, birds, and bees.

300 cities, 47 counties, and dozens of health, environment, and consumer groups oppose SB 649. Make California a leader by using safer, faster and more secure fiber optics.   VETO SB 649!

Sincerely, Your name and zip code

Click here to have the above postcard sent to Gov. Brown with your name and zip code: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/we-will-mail-this-postcard-for-you-tell-governor-brown-to-veto-sb-649/

FOR MORE ON THIS ISSUE please visit:

EMF Safety Network

California Alliance for Safer Technologyl

EON Opinion:

WHY the wireless industry demands SB 649 –  their ‘smart’ city vision doesn’t include the public or elected officials

From reading the following articles we can begin to see the ultimate vision of the national and international wireless industry.  They began their long term vision with the dreaded ‘smart’ meters installation and are implementing the necessary additional infrastructure through SB 649.  This is all meant to facilitate their concept of “smart” cities.  This is a national and international push by the powerful telecoms and related industries, as well as state by state through the assistance of ALEC.  They have Trillions of $$ signs in their eyes at the prospect of this reorganizing of our society for their profit.  And they are getting impatient.

Therefor, this industrial wireless vision includes removing much traditional authority for local city and county management from elected local officials.  Instead, they want ‘smart’ cities where telecommunications companies, software companies and utilities will determine policy.  Some examples are forcing driver-less cars, forcing a push for microwave connected products, which neighborhoods get internet access and what our local esthetics will be along our public rights of way.  These same companies will determine traffic, municipal, neighborhood and home organization through wireless technology blasting us constantly.

Safety, Environment & Health Policy?

The wireless industry is pretending total oblivion to any environmental or public health impacts from 24/7 microwave irradiation at close range from these powerful antennas along the street, in cars and trucks, as well as from the constant microwave interconnections between all clothes, gadgets and appliances.  I say ‘pretending’ because they admit risk to their stockholders that they may be found liable for health damage and have cell phone manual warnings in tiny fonts about placing cell phones too close to the body, particularly for pregnant women.

The public and even local elected officials would have little oversight in these envisioned ‘smart’ cities.  Their Internet of (Every)Thing vision includes ever more data gathering.   Every IoT “thing”, including robots, sensors, surveillance cameras will generate personal usage-data, which will be mined, stored, and can be used by government, law enforcement, and industry. Our personal life info will be used even more by marketers and those who would monitor and control our behavior and inevitably also by criminal hackers. This is possible only by bamboozling local officials now about the supposed benefits and by removing any real democratic choice over these extreme technological applications.

  • Ohio selects Inrix and StreetLight Data for statewide traffic intelligence    “The Inrix data will be uploaded into StreetLight’s InSight platform, allowing ODOT to design, run, visualize and download unlimited customized transportation analyses, such as origin-destination, select link and trip purpose…”     Training Video
  • The challenge in making 5G work for smart cities   “…..Julian David, chief executive officer of IT industry association techUK, highlighted the increased capacity and reduced latency compared with existing networks, crucial factors in the use of connected vehicles and harnessing the IoT for rapid responses….All this is feeding the hopes for 5G, but it is going to require a massive investment in the infrastructure and the speakers made clear there are some serious challenges….”
  • Who is Leading the Smart City Revolution?  “As cities look to improve the quality of lives of their residents, they are embracing smart city technologies to usher in clean energy, connectivity, safety, better public transportation and much more.”

For even more info visit What is 5G.info?