Sue the Bastards! Save the Children…from EMFs & Nukes!

A Two-Pronged Appeal
Colleagues in our dual areas of focus – EMFs & nukes – need your support. For more on how non-ionizing and ionizing radiation both poison the gene pool, please see our recent post: It’s the DNA, Stupid! – Nukes & EMF/RF Digest 7-16-2012

Sandi Maurer, Director of the EMF Safety Network has announced her organization is bringing suit against the California Public Utilities Commission “for failing to address serious Smart Meter issues, including health and safety impacts, and FCC compliance.”

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Kimberly Roberson, Founder of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network, and author of Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout … A Mother’s Response, has mounted a campaign on IndieGoGo on food safety in the US, human health and how citizens informed about Fukushima can change the world.

Sandi needs to raise $25,000 for legal costs ASAP attorneys, James Hobson and Joshua Nelson of Best, Best and Krieger are representing the Network in the California First Court of Appeals. Scroll down for details. $10-$100 from you will help and you can do it below, or right here.

Kim is aiming to raise $9,000 in order to disseminate key information that will help inform readers who may not realize the considerable dangers and consequences of a post-Fukushima nuclear powered society, while at the same time providing powerful tools for transitioning to a safer world. Scroll down for Kim’s explanatory video.

Cartoon by Jim Heddle EON

Why We’re Suing the CPUC
Sandi Mauer – Director, EMF Safety Network
On June 7th, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) denied the EMF Safety Network Rehearing Request on the grounds that, “the evidence does not support re-opening a review of Smart Meters.” Because the Rehearing Request is denied we can now sue the CPUC for failing to address serious Smart Meter issues, including health and safety impacts, and FCC compliance.

The CPUC has buried it’s head in the sand!

The CPUC rubber stamped PG&E claims of Smart Meter safety!

Although no new evidence can be added to the lawsuit in Appeals court, this lawsuit is important because it could force the CPUC to address the issues it has been ignoring.

The CPUC has NEVER addressed the health and safety impacts of Smart Meters. They’ve only provided an opt out with a penalty!

We need to raise $25,000 for legal costs ASAP! Attorneys James Hobson and Joshua Nelson of Best, Best and Krieger will represent us in the California First Court of Appeals. The lawsuit will be filed by the July 11 deadline.

If every customer on PG&E’s delay list would donate 15 cents, we’d have it covered! Considering we probably won’t reach those 177,000 people, if people donate $10-$100 this will help! Please give whatever amount you can!


(You do not need a Paypal account to donate! See the ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’ section to the left of login box and click on link to use your credit card.)

The results of suing the CPUC, if we win, will be that the Court will mandate the CPUC to address our original EMF Safety Network Application which includes:

Re-opening both of the Smart Meter proceedings (D.06-07-027 and D.09-03-026)
Evidentiary hearings on radiation health, environmental, and safety impacts
Review of actual Smart Meter program performance
An independently prepared RF Emissions Study

Your contributions will enable us to step up and challenge the CPUC!!

Inching towards justice! THANKS TO ALL YOUR EFFORTS!
Sandi Maurer

Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout… A Mother’s Response
By Kimberly Roberson
Campaign for an engaging new book that explores Fukushima Daiichi’s impact on food safety in the US, human health and how citizens will change the world.

Donate here. Buy the book here.

A CALL TO ACTION: Facts are facts. There have been at least three major nuclear power disasters to date: Three Mile Island in 1979, Chernobyl in 1986, and Fukushima Daiichi in 2011. Radioactive fallout has extremely long term consequences. There are also many smaller nuclear accidents and near misses every year. Do we wait for another major nuclear catastrophe, or do we act now?
The world changed dramatically on March 11, 2011. Fukushima Daiichi’s unprecedented THREE nuclear meltdowns and continuing deadly radioactive fallout signaled that Japan and the world would be forever changed. Previously I had learned much about radioactive waste issues while working for Greenpeace in the US. I also studied holistic nutrition and worked in the nutrition field before becoming a mother. I used to think it was a bit of an unusual resume leap, going from radioactive waste to then nutrition and motherhood, but on March 11, 2011 those worlds collided and bonded together. What my experiences brought to the table was startling clear: radioactive fallout from nuclear power and food do not mix, and innocent children are especially at risk.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: These days the publishing world shifts responsibility primarily to the new author for not only creating the book but for distribution as well. I’m appealing to the good people here on Indiegogo to help raise $9,000 for this campaign. As a contributor, you will a) help to create a national advertising campaign and materials to provide a platform for myself and others to speak out on this urgent issue; b) a print edition for bookstores around the US in conjunction with the PR campaign and c) seed money to research the companion book to “Silence Deafening..” on mindful health in a Fukushima world.
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