Smart Meter Shock – E-Smog Squared

FCC safety limit violations possible in homes

Marin County – A new study shows that PG&E smart meter RF emissions are significantly more powerful than previously thought, potentially causing more living space to exceed FCC public safety standards.

Sage Associates is releasing results of a new study that predict significantly higher radiofrequency radiation levels and more FCC public safety limit violations in some PG&E smart meters. It will be published on-line Friday, February 18th as an addendum to “Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters.

[above: standard warning sticker on the side of PG&E ‘smart’ meters being installed in Marin County, CA. ]

Originally, Sage Associates modeled the ITRON SKAMI-4 meter, which showed FCC violations were possible within 6 inches of the meter. The latest study radiofrequency radiation emissions for a PG&E smart meter (Silver Springs OWS-NIC514) will be 4.87 times stronger than the ITRON meter. This latest computer modeling report indicates that policy makers should ask for full information on all types of smart meters being deployed across California, since there be may be substantial differences in potential health risks and impacts to private property.

“The emissions from one meter are strong enough that the public is put at risk from exposures outward from the meter from approximately one foot to over six feet, depending on the reflection factor,” says Cindy Sage, Sage Associates. “For multiple meters at the same location, the zone of impact where FCC limits may be violated is somewhere between three feet and 19 feet, depending on the reflection factor.”

“PG&E is misleading the public with false assurances of safety. Smart Meter radiation will be a permanent part of the home, and people have no idea how high their chronic RF exposure might be. In reality, each Smart Meter functions like a cell antenna, relaying signals from other meters, and adds significantly to the existing radiation exposure already in the environment”, according to Barry A. Smith of the Environmental Health Coalition of West Marin.

In all meters studied to date, Sage Associates reported “excessively elevated radiofrequency/microwave radiation levels are likely to occur within occupied space of single family homes and multi-family dwellings. Scientific studies report risks for cancer, neurological diseases and cardiac problems at levels at and below those produced by smart meters. California’s leaders should be concerned that the smart meter wireless rollout may cost dearly in terms of health risks and high economic costs to consumers, with very little energy savings to show for it”.

Contact: Barry A. Smith Co-Director Environmental Health Coalition of West Marin
(415) 663-8025