Sage Advice: 'Smart' Meters not Wise

Sage Report on ‘Smart’ Meter Emissions Finds Multiple Failures to Meet Even Lax Federal ‘Guidelines’
The most rigorous and extensive study done to date on the electro-magnetic emissions of wireless so-called ‘smart’ meters reports many circumstances in which the devices – singly and in when aggregated in arrays and ‘mesh’ networks – fail to comply with Federal Communication Commission recommended ‘safety guidelines.’

The independent study – ‘Assessment of Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters’ – was carried out by Sage Associates, a Santa Barbara consulting firm specializing in electro-magnetic radiation issues.
The author, Cindy Sage is a respected researcher and consultant who co-edited the internationally influential BioInitiative Report, which has let to several European countries enacting far stricter human exposure standards than those currently in place in the U.S.

According to the Report:
“In addition to exceeding FCC public safety limits under some conditions of installation and operation, smart meters can produce excessively elevated RF exposures, depending on where they are installed. With respect to absolute RF exposure levels predicted for occupied space within dwellings, or outside areas like patios, gardens and walk-ways, RF levels are predicted to be substantially elevated within a few feet to within a few tens of feet from the meter(s).”

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For a free PDF copy of the just released report by Cindy Sage and Associates on how so-called ‘smart’ meters can violate even the lax FCC radio-frequency exposure guidlines go to

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