Outraged Citizens Denounce Head-in-Sand PUC's Punt to FCC

Neck-Deep in Denial…Head First
Turning a deaf ear to public concerns and a blind eye to scientific evidence of serious human health effects from wireless devices like PG&E’s so-called ‘smart meters,’ the CPUC voted 4 to 1 on December 2nd to deny an EMF Safety Network’s request for a public hearing on electro-magnetic exposure risks.
FCC radio-frequency ‘guidelines,’ based on out-moded last century’s science, are obsolete and irrelevant to today’s heavy electro-smog conditions
By abdicating its responsibility to safeguard public health and safety, the CPUC reveals itself once more to be a broken and compromised regulatory agency totally in the grip of the very corporations it is chartered to regulate in the public interest.
Its time to remix the Schwarzenegger/Peevey CPUC.
For news coverage and angry activists’ responses – PLUS the ‘Get Rid of Smart Meters’ song – please see videos below.