Outrage & Denial – Nuke Update 7-24-11

Official Bias and Incompetence Fuel Citizen Anger
Public fear, consternation and pushback spreads as corporate and regulatory denial, foot-dragging and refusals to monitor and test for fallout levels characterize this week’s post-Fukushima developments in Japan and the U.S.

Japanese government killing its own people in Fukushima

Ex Japanese Nuclear Regulator Blames Radioactive Animal Feed on “Black Rain”
by Fairewinds Associates

Japan to recommend new evacuations around nuclear plant

Japanese authorities said Thursday that they would recommend the evacuation of hot spots near the nuclear power plant damaged in the March earthquake and tsunami.
The locations, to be announced in the next few days, were outside the 20-kilometre evacuation zone but had seen spikes in radiation levels that could expose people to more than the recommended maximum of 20 millisieverts per year, government spokesman Yukio Edano was quoted as saying in news reports.

NYTimes: In the Wake of Fukushima – Editorial
…If nuclear power is to have a future in this country, Americans have to have confidence that regulators and the industry are learning the lessons of Fukushima and taking all steps necessary to ensure safety.

Split Within Nuclear Regulatory Agency
WASHINGTON — A majority of the five-member Nuclear Regulatory Commission is signaling that it wants to move slowly on at least some new recommendations from its staff on how to reduce the chance of a Fukushima-type accident at an American reactor despite calls by its chairman for swift action.

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