"No Fee for Opt-Out!" – PG&E Protest – 1-27-12

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Sudi Scull, Stop Smart Meters San Francisco Co-Chair, talks to demonstrators and passersby. Photo: EON

PG&E’s Protection Racket –
Pay to Not Be Polluted

In a San Francisco rally opposing the proposed PG&E/CPUC ‘smart’ meter opt-out policy, organized by Stop ‘Smart’ Meters San Francisco Co-Chair Sudi Scull and various speakers argued that customers should not be made to pay to not have wireless gas and electric meters placed on their homes that are already making hundreds of people sick. They showed how the ‘smart’ meter deployment violates people’s constitutional rights as well as endangers health, safety, security, and privacy. They asked how a company with a record of anti-democratic and illegal acts stretching back over a century and with a ‘safety culture’ fraught with cost-cutting and negligence can be trusted to continue operating the aging Diablo Canyon nuclear power station in a tsunami and earthquake zone. They demanded no fee for being allowed to keep their analog meters and called for the shutdown of Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.

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