Meltdowns, Shutdowns & Cover-Ups – Nukushima Update 5-13-2011

New Nuke News for Friday the 13th
In the words of that great American philosopher W.C. Fields, “There comes a time in human affairs when we must seize the bull by the tail and stare the situation squarely in the face.” Its time to shut down the nuclear industry and put our best minds to work on how to take care of its radioactive kaka till the end of time. Let’s start with California. Decommission Diablo and San Onofre.
Rachel Gertrude Johnson and Mary Beth Brangan contributed to this digest edition edited by James Heddle. Scroll down for videos and articles.

Fukushima – One Step Forward and Four Steps Back as Each Unit Challenged by New Problems Gunderson –

Fukushima – One Step Forward and Four Steps Back as Each Unit Challenged by New Problems from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

The Leaning Reactor of Fukushima

Gundersen First to Say Fukushima Worse than Chernobyl

Russia Today: Gundersen First to Say Fukushima Worse than Chernobyl from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu – Shredding The Deadly Lies Of Fukushima

Japan shuts down nuke plant near quake zone
Workers suspended the Hamaoka powerstation’s number-five reactor at 1:00 pm (0400 GMT) in a bid to avoid a repeat of the atomic emergency sparked by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Nuclear Crisis in Japan: Updates on Fukushima reactors and aftermath of Japan earthquake. NIRS – Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Nuclear meltdown at Fukushima plant – The Telegraph/UK

Plan to flood Fukushima reactor could cause new blast, experts warn – The Guardian/UK
Plant operator Tepco reveals meltdown and breach of pressure vessel, with Greenpeace warning against pumping water in.
…In all 35 reactors – or about two-thirds of Japan’s total – will have been shut down by the end of May.

Japan to Cancel Plan to Build More Nuclear Plants

Japan’s Nuclear Future in the Balance – NYT

TEPCO: Nuclear Fuel Melted as Rods Fully Exposed

Japan government agrees on compensation plan for operator of crippled nuclear power plant – Wash Post
New data show greater than expected damage at Fukushima.

Problems cited with U.S. nuclear backup power – Boston Globe
Report comes as panel deems US sites safe

America’s Nuclear Nightmare– Rolling Stone
The U.S. has 31 reactors just like Japan’s — but regulators are ignoring the risks and boosting industry profits

No to nuclear power: Nobel Peace Laureates to world leaders – Media Release
“It is time to recognize that nuclear power is not a clean, safe or affordable source of energy.”

Radiation Found in Seaweed Near Crippled Japan Plant

Japan, U.S. plan nuclear waste storage in Mongolia

Entergy Goes Nuclear over Vermont’s Decision
The Vermont Yankee nuke plant is the same vintage and make as Japan’s crippled reactors.

Environmental coalition wins hearing against Davis-Besse license

Biking Through Chernobyl Ghost Town

New EPA Radiation Tests Show Cesium In California Rainwater At Highest Level Since Crisis Began – Gramercy Images News

Health Effects of Chernobyl
25 years after the reactor catastrophe – PDF
NIRS says: Important new study from Germany’s IPPNW on the ongoing health effects of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe: “By 2050 thousands more cases of illnesses will be diagnosed that will have been caused by the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. The delay between cause and noticeable physical reaction is insidious. Chernobyl is far from over.”

Mishaps at 3 US Nuclear Plants
By Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times

NRC Waives Enforcement of Fire Rules at Nuclear
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is routinely waiving fire rule violations at nearly half the nation’s 104 commercial reactors, even though fire presents one of the chief hazards at nuclear plants.

U.S. Nuclear Plants Drafting Customized Fire
Nuclear plants with some longstanding fire-safety problems are enrolled in a special Nuclear Regulatory Commission program that allows them to customize fire protection measures based on an in-depth risk analysis. NRC has approved plans at to test plants, Shearon Harris and Oconee. The others are expected to continue the process through at least 2016. Until their plans are approved, NRC has said it will enforce the only most serious violations of fire rules. Plants in the program are shown in a map here.
[California’s nukes are included. ]

Nuclear Industry still Skeptical of MOX fuel
In the quest to convert plutonium from 170,000 nuclear warheads into usable forms of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has a vexing political problem on its hands. Virtually no commercial nuclear power company wants to touch the stuff.

New York State Dismisses Radiation Threat From Gas Drilling Cuttings

Drill cuttings. Photo:

Planned Nuclear Plant on Hold in Virginia

Radiation High at No.3 Reactor Pool – Fissioning Likely On-Going

Radioactive Tritium Released into Mississippi River at Grand Gulf

Nuclear Power Plants in Minnesota and around the world

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