"Insurgent" Videos on SMeter Resistance

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Scroll down for a digest of recent independent video coverage of the growing public push-back on wireless meter installation by PG&E. In its internal e-mails, this state-sanctioned monopoly power corporation – aptly called an IOU (for Investor Owned Utility) – refers to the growing number of ratepayers in opposition to wireless so-called ‘smart’ meters as ‘insurgents,’ and attempts to liken the non-violent civil disobedience actions of moms and grandmothers protecting their kids from the proven health effects of wireless radiation to the tactics of the violent, racest Klu Klux Klan.
All power to peoples’ video for showing what’s really what!

[ Cartoon by Brian Narelle NarelleCreative.net ]

‘Insurgent’ Grannies Arrested in Rohnert Park
thanks to NorCalTruth

Mothers Arrested in Blockade
by Barry Smith and valorution

West Marin vs the ‘SMART’meter
by Peggy Day and Vimeo

‘Smart’ Meter Installation Despite Protest
by Peggy Day and Vimeo

Smart Meter Installation Inverness 12-27-10 from peggy day on Vimeo.

by Josh Hart and valorution

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For a free PDF copy of the just released report by Cindy Sage and Associates on how so-called ‘smart’ meters can violate even the lax FCC radio-frequency exposure guidlines go to SageReports.com

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