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We’re not called ‘C-Span for the grassroots’ for nothing. If you’re on this list, you know how hard we work to keep a steady stream of citizen voices and useful information in a variety of media coming your way. EON is also an official party in California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Smart Meter Opt-Out proceedings in your behalf. Since 2000, we’ve organized and informed locally and globally about the dangers of wireless RF radiation. We’ve been working for clean renewable energy and a nuclear-free world for decades. [ see: Norman Solomon Interviews EON Founders on the TV series ‘Making a Difference in Marin.’ ]

Our increasingly popular blog – – covers both wireless and nuclear issues. For example, check out our recent posts Paradigm Shift Happens – EON E-Smog Digest and Dead End for Nuclear Power?

Our YouTube channel brings unique coverage of our six main issue areas: e-smog and health; nukes; election protection; food, water & pesticides; clean energy and planetarian perspectives. Our website – – offers a wide range of DVDs and information on those topics, too. Folks also follow us on our Ecological Option Network FaceBook page and our EonNewsNet Twitter page.

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