Ding, Dong, Darbee's Gone! – March On Munchkins…

How did he screw up? Let us count the ways:
Prop 16, attacks on local clean energy initiatives (CCA’s), the stupid ‘smart’ meter fiasco, and the San Bruno gas disaster. Not to mention that Fukushima fallout is not going to make re-licensing PG&E’s Diablo nuke a slam dunk. (Sign petition below) No wonder he’s going to take the money and run. EON photo

PG&E boss Peter Darbee resigns with $35M retirement package San Francisco Examiner

PG&E Chairman Resigns, Spokesman Refutes Claims He Was Offered Money To Leave

PG&E exec. resigns in wake of Calif pipeline blastABC TV

Peter Darbee resigns: 1st step in PG&E rebuilding [?] SF Chron Editorial
…The utility, virtually by itself, promoted a ballot measure last year to hamstring local competition to its power business. PG&E spent $45 million on the statewide initiative and lost badly. Following that was the rollout of millions of wireless SmartMeters, tagged by some consumers for inaccurate bills and health concerns…
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Victoria pulls plug on Smart Meters, Indefinite Moratorium

Japanese disaster ignites seismic concerns at California’s nuclear power plants Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility

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Sign Petition for Safe Food and Water Oversight Due to Fukushima Disaster