5G Radiation Rebellion Grows

                Stoking the Radiation Rebellion By Mary Beth Brangan Watch the passionate, informed resistance on the 5G Crisis July 27, National Day of Action – an 11 min. video report by EON’s Jim Heddle. Viewer John Knox says – “Watched that vid twice & commented on it. Damn! […]

Help the Irregulators help us against the FCC and 5G!

This legal case against the FCC offers us an unparalleled chance of stopping 5G in its tracks. The Irregulators, a team of senior telecom experts, are exposing in court the illegal accounting scheme to replace wired networks with wireless and make us pay for it! This key legal strategy against the FCC needs our support! […]

5G Resistance Grows; Group of Experts Sues FCC

Stop the Telecom Rip-Off – Take Back the Fiber Optic Cable Infrastructure We’ve Already Paid For! Breaking as we post: Controlling 5G: A Course in Obstacles – “Every person deserves to be informed about what’s happening“ Head of NOAA says 5G deployment could set weather forecasts back 40 years. The wireless industry denies it. – […]

5G – With a Capital ‘G,’ and that stands for…Genocide?

“5G is a War on Humanity” With the publication by Josh del Sol Beaulieu of a letter to then UN General Secretary Antonio Guterez  written by former UN staffer Claire Edwards we have another indication of the willful ignorance about the dangers of radio-frequency radiation of those making policy decisions about the current  push by telecoms […]