EMF Exposure Sufferers Tell Their Stories

In this press conference, Josh Hart, Director of Stop Smart Meters, introduces three people from various walks of life who have become electro-sensitive by being exposed to radiation from wireless technology. Their moving stories indicate the dangers to public health and safety of the unregulated, untested deployment of electro-magnetic technologies like PG&E’s so-called ‘smart’ meters.
For more info: EMFSafetyNetwork.org StopSmartMeters.wordpress.com BioInitiative.org ElectroMagneticHealth.org MagdaHavas.com

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3 Responses to WOUNDED by WIRELESS

  1. Elaine Stanifer says:

    Wow..I was having a conversation with someone in regards to PG&E energy bills and we got on the topic of smart meters. He began to explain some of the effects of these meters and I wanted to cry. I have said to so many of my friends and my husband that I can’t sleep in the house. Every night I have felt and heard a vibration come into my body and it completely changes my own energy system. It has been completely frustrating and I have spoken to numerous individuals who have experience with body energetics and haven’t been able to make heads or tails out of it. My left ear has permanent ringing and I experience energetic pressure in my head and face. It’s so tormenting that I spend most of my day, everyday, trying to work the energy out through meditation, yoga and exercise. Turns out the smart meter was installed on my home just outside my bedroom. My son also suffers from asthma and I understand that this emf can aggravate his condition. He is 11 and should be outgrowing this condition but seems to require the inhaler more than he used to. I am determined to do something about this and to get this meter off of my house. What is the best way for me to approach this as these meters have been installed throughout my neighborhood by PG&E? Is there an electrical technician that can assess the amount of emfs in the house and surrounding area?

  2. Hugh Bannister says:

    Dear Elaine,

    If you are sensitive to EMF and radio transmissions, one important fact to consider is that your EMF exposure from the electrical wiring in your home, which is constantly alternating at 60 cycles a second at 120 volts is by far your biggest source of EMF. These smart meters pale by comparison. My suggestion would be to shut off your electrical service and use battery powered devices and candles.

    You are also receiving a high level of radio frequency exposure from radio, television, and other broadcast stations, as well as neighbor’s wireless and cellphone devices. To defeat those, the best idea is to shield all walls and the ceiling in your home with grounded aluminum foil, which will effectively block these transmissions from running through your house. As an added protectant, you might want to consider a tin foil hat.

  3. gia says:

    call state representatives, thats what i am gonna do, kindly insist on new bill into law. this is just awful and unbelievable that they would do this, here in texas as well.

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